Returning Vanilla Player Looking for Casual Horde Guild on Destromath

Old school vanilla player returning to Destromath after many years away from the game. Used to be in a fairly active Alliance raiding guild on Dalaran back when Onyxia/MC/BWL was the endgame; stepped away from the game shortly after AQ’s release. Have a lot of fond memories from the game and WoW’s 15th anniversary has me feeling nostalgic!

I re-rolled an Orc Warlock on Destromath on a new account this weekend. Looking for a casual guild to call home on the server. Will most likely spend most of my time in Classic when it comes out, but looking for a casual home until it’s released.

Things have really changed since I originally rolled my Rogue back in 2004. Looking forward to getting to know the community again.

If there are any guilds that have an opening for someone like myself, please let me know!

Quick update. I will spending my time on Classic when it comes out. Thank you for your consideration!