Returning to Wrath of the Lich King Classic™

Patch day…
no wrath classic mode to select…sooo what do we do? whats going on here please inform

Got the boost… and the quest you start off getting isnt working. When you attempt to turn in the quest, it tells you “quest failed”

So what about RDF? That would help alot given the LFG tool has become worse of a cess pit than trade chat.

I just have this issue, that I have had since returning to Wotlk for three months with not even a replay from Blizzard.

Solve the problem that I didn’t cause. Came back to the game after several months. My button for flight forms is missing, I can only ride my Sabber. Evidently the button was suppose to have been merged for all forms, however mine does not work. My Druid Flight Form is not even listed in my Spell book either. It should be a simple technical fix for you, but I have not even had a reply for this issue. I can not play the game as intended and I pay for play. Please resolve this.