Returning to Wrath of the Lich King Classic™

This is what you should have done from vanilla classic too, that way you didn’t end up with dozens of dead servers. You could have migrated everyone that wanted to stay behind to a couple of servers and freed up all of those other resources.

It “should” come with prepatch and the Deluxe Edition release. But then we have heard nothing about the DE either.

Please please please do not allow server transfers onto fresh realms. 90 days is not nearly a long enough period considering 26 of those 90 days (allegedly) is going to be pre-patch. 180 days would be the minimum IMO, but preferably just leave fresh servers alone.


The unfortunate truth

Can’t wait until people start crying that they wasted their time on a fresh server with absolutely nobody and others are having tons of fun raiding on reg servers.


Please please please give us the fresh server names/types as well as name reservations before Tuesday!


You are underestimating the draw.

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Community - when do we get the exp buff!?
Blizzard - YoU gUyS HeArD AbOuT DeAtH KnIgHtS?? (releases exp buff we no post or warning)

Community - When do we get fresh servers?
Blizzard - inscription, wintergrasp, levelling zones - YoU GuYs HeARd AbOuT tHis sTuFF ToO??

At this point I’d expect fresh servers to simply appear on the realm list overnight with no warning, we’ll also see the 70 boost Icon appear on character log in screens with again, no warning…

Blizzard - This is the way.

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Within a few months the server will be dead, or in a very dire state. The people who wanted a fresh start are tourists who play the hell out of the game for a month then quit once they hit max level/bis/whatever their immediate goal is, and go back to whatever they were doing before.

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Most of my fresh guild have been active raiders throughout classic and tbc…I just dont think you guys get the appeal of fresh. LOL@tourists


You keep saying “at least 90 days until transfer to fresh” and again I ask what is your actual justification to allow transfers onto a fresh realm?
Because the majority of us do not want this.

We petitioned for fresh because we all wanted to be on a server that did not normalise the buying of gold for power and to form guilds with players who want to help one another (not soulless communities who form GDKPs to just buy items with bought gold and never raid again), you spent a lot of time and effort changing the game to curve the ability to farm raw gold and bott so why toss that out the window by allowing players with bought gold arrive on the server ruining the entire economy and community experience.

So again, help me understand your justification for allowing transfers at all if it’s not about the amount money you will make on all these cashed-up players wanting to join a server that they will lord over with their huge pools of gold and resources.


4 days left and we still know nothing about the fresh servers, this isn’t looking good :see_no_evil:

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they are doing som with wrath classic too?

I hope you have been setting up RDF in the background, cause we know you are going to cave and give it to us…

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It’s baffling as to why we have no info on these realms.

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Deluxe Edition and preorders?? Why are you guys so disorganized with communication lately?

It was 90 days back when new realms were launched regularly. Not saying that’s the “right” answer, there’s precedent for it.

I’m estimating about right what is going to happen.

Patch day and all we can find is a mention of ONE fresh server. Skyfury (PVP).

The following information then mentions “Fresh Realms” Plural. Come on. All this hype for fresh realms and you mention one. ONE REALM. No info as to whether it’s US/EU East/West coast. Do better Blizzard.

oh have a cry. OCE players got no fresh realms. be happy you got any at all

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