Returning to MMO/RP Scene

Right off the rip, new to the server. I previously played on Ravenholdt some many years ago when it was heavy populated with RP. Myself and other friends frequented SWG for RP until the game closed down. My question is, how popular is the RP scene currently? Is it mostly Festival and Tavern based? I found several posts eluding to such on Tumblr.

Most of my experience and time spent with RP was based within the game world/lore driven to encompass story elements to allow some inclusiveness of other guilds. Is that a common theme on this server or is that a more popular front on others? Any help would be appreciated. Just trying to get my footing here.

festivals, taverns and the like are popular because theyre one off sessions, good for walkup rp to kill the time (also good for networking)

stories and adventures (i find) come from guilds, mainly, and wont be advertised like parties or lectures.

Thats not to say you cant make friends at the tavern and go on a wacky adventure (Or Axian’s Year of the Scourge RP)

So…im really excited cause i get to say this now
“Welcome to Wrymrest Accord. Tell us about your RP Character.”


Thank you for the reply! I completely agree with the Tavern RP. We did similar things in the in game Cantinas or player/player city owned Cantinas in SWG. Then it would branch outwards from there. So yes, they’re a fantastic starting point.

Are there any external server wide RP forums?

Haha, more to follow on the character. I am currently drafting back story, traits, flaws, etc.

Nothing server wide.
Tumblr may be the closet but ive never had good experience with it

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I am honor bound in recommending my rp haunt of Duskwood, pun absolutely intended. Between events, tavern rp, a wide variety of guilds, and plenty of cross faction opportunities, it really all depends on the effort you want to put into engaging with the community. There’s plenty of room for both casual and story driven rp, it’s all up to you!

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That is great to hear! I have no issue with the engagement aspect. I’ll just have to frequent the larger cities/hubs/events and look for it about the area.

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Welcome back!

If you haven’t already, check out the WrA Directory Thread. You’ll find some info about the server in there, as well as a small list of usually-active RP hubs (it looks like Silvermoon City isn’t listed at the moment, for some reason, but there are usually RPers in a few spots there during peak hours). There are also some guild listings in that thread, though there are many more guilds not listed there that recruit in-game.

In my experience, most plot-driven RP on WrA is done within an RP guild (or non-guild RP group), and not designed to include the broader community. But there are some exceptions, such as the currently ongoing Year of the Scourge campaign that Mordekeiser mentioned; there are a few threads about that on this forum at the moment.


Thank you for the directory link! I will be sure to look into it!

That makes sense. I’ll have to read up on the aforementioned campaign. Thank you for the help!

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