Returning To Horde

I’m returning to horde, Alliance is just… not for me. I’m leaving this heavy ally pop server. I’m looking for a fun horde guild to play with. I do all PvE obviously but enjoy pvp and wpvp :slight_smile:

Paintrain United on Area 52.

Why us?

  • We limit the amount of people in guild to 100. This way everyone has a spot.
  • Casual but get things done. Nobody gets cut from raids as long as they are trying as we understand this is a game. Got Heroic BoD 7/9 with this philosophy but we did get a late start.

Raid Wed/Thu 8-10 EST
M+ on Mondays and pick up whenever people are on
Friday night is PvP night, trying to get a RBG team going for seasonal mounts and titles.

Discord is active.


Edit cause we currently need Rogue or ranged DPS with healing OS for raid.

<Acquired Tastes> Is currently looking to form a stable core roster in Rise of Azshara. We are looking for Resto Shaman, Druid, and Holy Paladin. Any other healers are welcome to apply. Need competent DPS with a main focus on caster DPS. All players are welcome, not just ones interested in raiding. We do Mythic + and other content as well. Raid Times: 6:30pm-9:30pm CST Tuesdays and Thursdays

Any further questions don’t be afraid too ask.

Raid Leader: Dirk#1287
Recruitment Officer: Dumble#11898.

Armageddon Industries
Adult (ages 21+, 30+ preferred) Heroic AotC & M+ guild.
**T/Th 11pm-2am EST. **

We are recruiting more dps and a 1-2 healers for 8.2 Highest needed classes at this time are: Mage, Monk, Paladin, Hunter, Druid, Death Knight, and Warrior. All classes will still be considered, but Warlock and Demon Hunter is closed.

We do meta achieves when they are current, xmog/mount/achievement farming, and have a high desire to push more M+.

For more info see our current recruitment post.

Guild Master / Raid Lead
bnet = Armageddon#1974
discord = Skybolt#2791

Recruitment Officer
Battletag ID - Mirielle#1541
Discord ID - Miriel#2724