Returning Tank Looking for Guild


Ladies and Germs … thanks for at least looking at my humble post. I am a returning Tank who is looking to get back into raiding after the guild I was in fell apart at the end of Uldir. Sadly, I have no experience in BoD or CoS, but before that I cleared almost every other raids since ToGC in Heroic as a Tank (some as a Warrior, some as a Druid, some as a Monk, one as a Demon Hunter, and one as a Death Knight).

Although I did do a few fights in Uldir at the Mythic level, I really didn’t enjoy it. Not that I didn’t think I could handle it, but because the focus shifted from having fun to killing the bosses, it got to the point that there was no joy in it anymore.

Enough of my rambling. I am looking for either NORMAL or HEROIC mode only. I am not, repeat NOT looking for MYTHIC raiding at all.

I am a tank. Its the only role I am actually any good at (believe it or not, I can’t even huntard well). Current preference order is:

  1. Demon Hunter
  2. Druid
  3. Death Knight
      1. Monk, Warrior, Paladin

I dont hate playing any tank, but i mean, hey … everyone has their preference, right? And right now, thats what I’d prefer to play.

I live in the EST, and work in the mornings, so would prefer a raid that ends before midnight EST, with maybe some wiggle-room in there if the group feels right.

Again, last thing I ran was Uldir, so gear at this point isn’t the greatest. But am willing to put in the time of you want me to fill a spot for you.

Would REALLY like to be able to find somewhere to fit in before 8.3 comes out, because that raid sounds hamazing. While I prefer Horde, am open to faction changing for th eright fit.

Hope to hear from you all soon.

Oh, discord is cylon_ben#8837


Oops… forgot to check the toon name this was posted under.

The toon that I did Uldir on was Cylondeath.


INCLUSION is an alliance guild on Proudmoore looking for good dedicated players to add to our mythic raid team. We are currently 3/8M and 8/8H.
We are looking for a Tank , Holy Paladin, and DPS. Our raid times are Monday and Thursday from 6-9 pm PST. Additionally we run M+, pvp, and are an active helpful guild. If INCLUSION sounds like a good fit for you send me a message!

We are happy to help gear recruits. We have been clearing heroic on Tuesdays starting at 6 pm pst.

Btag: Beeanna#1235
Discord: Riann#5746


Found a Green Quest on US Zul’jin is a casual/social horde guild. We are filled with mature, fun people that act as one big family. We are currently looking to expand our family to people who like:

~raiding, bad jokes, dungeon runs, mount/transmog/achievement runs, leveling parties and more!~

We are accepting new, returning, and experienced players who are looking for a fun and relaxing home! If you have any questions or are interested, please feel free to message me! Kiua#1912 is my battletag or kiuayoukai#2395 is my discord.


Have run with Cylon, can attest he is excellent! Great tank addition to a team.
Totally no help with recs since I’m still Alliance and looking myself, but recognized the name. May you find a place quickly and easily <3


Hey Hey - nice post I’ll throw my guild into the mix. Been together for quite awhile and don’t think we’re going to change anytime soon. :slight_smile:

Guild & Server: <Defìant> :Horde: : Mug’thol (US)
Raid Times/Days: Saturday 9pm EST (until 1am) (4 hours)
Current Progression. 8/8N 8/8H
Recruitment Contacts: PM or Bnet Koda#1298
Requirements: 400+ Ilvl, 55+ Neck. Willingness to listen and be a part of a team.
Needs: Warlock/Rogue/Swing Tank (warrior/pally would be nice) but will look at any good players.


Hi there!

First off, thank you for taking the time to read my post.

:dragon_face:My name is Kanielese and i am the GM of Dracarys Productions on Bleeding-Hollow(HORDE).

Back in March/April this year, me and my officers decided to server xfer our main toons to another guild we had been raiding with due to personal life things going on. After a few months of raiding with them and achieving AOTC in BOD and COS with them (also progressed through Normal and some Heroic EP with them) I decided to come back to my guild to try and rebuild up the community i was trying to make in the first place.

What the guild is about:
~Fun, Friendly, Engaging community in helping its members
~We areClassic came out and by than so have most guild achieved their AOTC/started Mythic raiding. AOTC focused (may decide to dip our feet into mythic runs later)
~We enjoy running Mythic keys and pushing them, so more core members would be better
~ We have our casual nights where we run xmog/mount/achievement stuff
~Alt runs
~We do some PVP (Bg’s, WPVP, etc)

For my core members:
~I expect everyone to understand basic mechanics and do research (We will help people learn them more however)
~Be patient and respectful of other members
~Help throughout the week farm mats (Herbs, Gems, Food items,etc.)
~Be able to take criticism as well as dish it out

For Casual Members:
~Be engaging with the guild (Talking in GC, etc.)
~Help farm mats for GB
~Do not be afraid to ask for help
~Help others out

Currently for core Raid team:
TANKS (Would like BM Monk, Guardian druid or Prot Pally/ Open to other ideas though)-Need solid tanks (DPS off spec though)
Healers(NEED ALL)

We currently raid Tuesday/Thursday 8:30-11:30pm EST (with 1 break at 10) But times/Days can be negotiated/will be reconsidered to match core members schedules

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. You may contact me on bnet/discord (I am always available)