Returning tank LF Mythic/AOTC raid guild for TWW

(Almost) 20-year raiding veteran looking for a EST or CST guild(established or brand new) that at the very least dabbles in mythic raids. I have been DYING to get back into mythic content. Now that I have a new, much less demanding job, I can devote much more time to the game. Right now my #1 choice is VDH. Just started gearing him and almost 500 ilvl. I am willing to switch class for the right guild as long as they understand I’ll need a little time to get geared.

Why you should give me a chance:

  1. I have the greatest ability of all: Availability! I should have 99.9% attendance barring any real-life emergencies.

  2. I am a very consistent player.

  3. Loads of raiding experience (Including raid leading from WOTLK to BFA;hard mode and mythic).

  4. Drama-free, non-judgmental, easy going, mature.

Feel free to message me on discord anytime. I usually reply pretty quick.

Discord: nohero_nbk

Recently server transferred my DH and had to change the name. Hopefully it updates soon on the forums. If you want to search for my armory the new name is “Nohero” on Whisperwind.