Returning spriest/rogue LF CE guild

I’m a returning CE player looking for a new home for shadowlands. I play multiple dps classes and plan on keeping a few raid ready alts. I’m looking for a CE driven guild that is set on performing to the best ability. I’ll also be pushing my io in SL (io was 2800 when i quit in early may while pugging most keys) and possibly pushing arena.

I’ve been on/off Prog raiding since ToS in legion. Quit spriest during BFA and deciding to switch back after the rework. I’ve been playing rogue during BFA and will be playing it during SL. I’m primarily looking for a CE driven guild with little drama and a focus on improvement.

Ill also be leveling and gearing a few raid ready alts, such as my rogue at first with more to follow later.

I quit during my n’zoth progression (killed on jun 27th) due to burnout and the current world situation, and am looking to find a reliable guild with skilled players that are always determined to improve at their classes.

-Speed of prog is not any issue as long as its on track for CE.

-active m+ runners is a huge plus.

-PVP also a plus.

-Preferably would like to join an alliance guild on any server (due to transfer costs) but will also consider all horde guilds.

-Looking for raid times anyday except friday and saturday, and no earlier than 11pm est on tuesday or thursday.

Contact me at:

Bnet- RaGe#12582 Discord- RaGe#9336

Feel free to ask any questions.

We should chat.

Hey Chicoop, [H] Severity on Hyjal is currently looking for exceptional players to fill its roster. We are a new guild formed here at the end of BFA and are recruiting CE players for Shadowlands. Our current roster consists of players who have achieved CE in various tiers ranging from WoD to Nyalotha. Our goal for Shadowlands is to acheive CE each and every tier in a reasonable time. Our raid times are slightly different than youre posted hours starting at 10:30pm-2:30 am EST on wed/thurs. If you can make this small adjustment to your schedule and you are interested please message me on either discord or bnet, Meatbus#1097 and Meatbus#11401 respectively.

still looking