Returning Ret Pally Looking for Guild

Original name was Charles. I’ve come back after many years off. Been playing again for two weeks and I’ve hit the point where I want to run guild raids and mythic dungeons. I’m free generally between 9pm and 2am central time for raids. Gear is 194/95 and I have my first legendary, Kyrian renown at 31 and all slots of gear from them fully upgraded. Looking for a guild doing raids, pvp, and mythics.

Experience wise I was an original Eternal Keggers member shortly after launch which was one of two hardcore raid guilds on Terenas. I was an avid pvper(exalted rep with Warsong and Arathi) and dueler. Eventually I was pally raid leader and was one of the first dps pallies on the server(proved out that holy/ret pallies could produce rogue level damage in 40 man raids).

I’ve been running raid finders, heroics, pick up pvp, and farming anima, Molten Core and Blackwing Lair for Judgement Armor skins(bastards wouldn’t give it to me when I originally had it!).

A lot has changed in the game so I am still learning mechanics a bit to min max my gear and still learning the encounters just hit the point where gear upgrades aren’t forthcoming without premade groups. Also enjoy guild chat and making friends. Not afraid of wiping or dying a lot learning a new encounter. We didn’t have youtube or adventure guide in the old days! Personality wise I want light hearted but serious.

On most nights so can whisper me to chat!