Returning Raider (Resto Shaman) LF Mythic Raiding

Hello! I am looking to return to the game and get back into raiding. I am available Monday - Thurs From 9:30PM - 1AM EST. I have an extensive history of Mythic Raiding ranging from top 50 US to top 300 US. I also have lead guilds and raid teams through mythic content in the past as raid leader, officer, and even GM. I am currently coming back from a break I took after getting cutting edge G’Huun. I am 100% undergeared at the moment (400ilvl) and I am working on leveling my neck back up to par (currently 60.) I am looking for an opportunity to join a mythic raiding team that is in need of a Resto Shaman, but is willing to wait it out as I catch back up. I would love to join normal and heroic clears or do it all by myself if needed. Upon request I can provide logs from past tiers. Thanks!

Please Leave information about your guild, raid times, and a BTAG in the comment.