Returning raider looking for late night mythic guild for sl

I am a returning player wanting to get back into mythic raiding and high mythic+ keys for shadowlands.

Experience: I had 2.4k io if that means anything have previous mythic experience in wod/legion.

Availability: I am available to raid after 11pm pst/ 1am cst/ 2 am est mon-fri or any time during the weekends. I am willing to play either horde or alliance.

About me: I am chill player that always strives to be top on the dps charts while making sure mechanics are done properly. I make it a priority to min max my characters that I raid with. I am a person that takes criticism with no issue to improve my dps/do mechanics more efficiently. I primarily dps on a demon hunter/warrior but I am willing to play any dps class to help the raid.

If you feel that I match your guild send me a friend request to my btag or reply with your guild info below.

B tag: Longstop#1142
Discord: Longstop#0671

Lets talk and get to making plans.