Returning raider looking for heroic/low M raiding, later evening (9:30-10CST)


I’m currently seeking a raiding guild. Here’s the cliff notes, and then some details!

  • Looking for 2/day, 9:30-10CST start, ~2-3 hours per night.
  • Looking to join a team working on heroic and/or starting on mythic.
  • Not expecting to be carried and geared - let me know your requirements to join and I’ll work up to it myself.
  • Not picky on class, but I want to play anything with a tank offspec. Let me know what you need!
  • Raided some in BoD (H) and AEP - can give some logs to show I’m not a total putz.

Now the long of it:

I returned to the game in early 8.1 (was gone for many years getting life booted up - school, work, kids, etc), and mostly did casual stuff for a few months. Mid-BoD, I started raiding with a semi-casual group working on heroic, and ended up clearing AOTC. That experience showed me I still have the itch to raid, but unfortunately, a couple of weeks into AEP, something changed on my end, and I was no longer able to make one of their raid days (Sunday).

Was kind of bummed by the whole thing, and had some friends starting to play Classic, so I basically sat on my hands for a couple of months to see how that was going to be. Well… suffice to say, I do not like it. =P I actually much prefer the modern game, for a variety of reasons. In fact, I LOVE the modern game - and especially, the modern raiding/dungeon experience! Maybe I’m a filthy casual >_>

Anyway - I’m just looking to find a fun, sociable, but still semi-serious-about-progression group to raid with. Ideally this will be horde, but I’m not going to rule out a good fit for faction. I’m really not picky.

I can raid M-T-W-Th after 9:30 CST. Like I mentioned in the summary, I am looking for just a couple days a week, and for roughly a couple hours at a time. I can sometimes play F-Sat-Sun, but I can’t commit to it with the regularity required of raiding those nights. I can sometimes join some off-night activities.

I’m going to be pretty active on off nights in general, though the primary reason I want to play something with a tank spec is so I can make my own way in M+ if I need to, because it’s just hard for me to commit to anything regular more than a couple nights a week. Happy wife, happy life!

I’ve got a couple of kids who have passed the super-critical stage (one is 1.5, one is almost 3), and they’re usually pretty good when they’re not sick. I can’t commit to absolute 100% attendance for that reason, but I can commit to making almost all the raids. I can’t do 100% of anything with these two rascals around =P - just telling it straight!

I’m pretty level-headed. I never rage (have a couple of kids, any hint of that sort of try-hard attitude gets squeezed right out!), but I DO take raiding seriously. It’s not just my time at that point - it’s the entire raid groups.

I’d prefer a DPS main spot, but I’ll know how to fill other rolls where relevant in a pinch. I watch my vids, I know my strats, and I try to bring more to the raid than just some pretty numbers.

Anyway, that’s enough rambling. Please reply here with a BTag or Discord and I’ll get in touch, if you think I might fit in your group, or if you just want to feel it out a bit! Thanks!

We Have Jobs Too- Illidan- has been playing together since BC and is comprised mostly of adults with jobs/families. We are more casual than hard-core, but we are progressing in mythic. We are 8/8H & 1/8M EP. We raid T/TH 9pm-1am EST.

We are looking for a few more dps and heals to fill out our mythic roster on Thursdays, and we clear heroic on Tuesdays. If this sounds like a good fit for you find me in game Kelina#1440

Hey Chicken! I’d love to talk to you about Hubris!! As someone who also has kids, I know the struggle is real lol. Hit me up! Take care :slight_smile: