Returning Players (Resto Sham and Rogue) LF Mythic Guild

Hello there!

My friend and I are both returning Mythic raiders looking for a new home in 8.3. After taking a break after Uldir/BoD, we’ve decided to team up and hunt for a spot that has room for (hopefully) both of us. I play a rogue (mainly Assassination but competent in Outlaw) and he plays a Restoration Shaman.

Availability: Anyday from 8pm to 12am EST. We’re both willing to raid two or three nights a week, and are hoping for a spot that runs M+/heroic raids on offnights.

Prefer Horde over Alliance, but may be willing to swap over for the right fit!

As I said, we’re both returning from breaks and are behind a bit in terms of gear/logs/experience with the current raid. So, we’re looking towards 8.3 for our return but would be willing to start raiding immediately if a guild had a spot for us. We’d like to join a guild that has had a history of success, but a solid community is much more important than progress for us right now.

If anyone wants to give us a shot, feel free to post below or reach out to me on Discord @ crunch#6831. I can provide logs and answer any questions there!

Thank you!

Notice us senpais

We are a newly forming guild that transferred from an alliance heavy server looking to build a fresh roster with players eager to progress and perform. I will share some information on raid times, classes and roles in need and what our vision for the guild is.

For now our raid nights are Friday and Saturday. Raid times are 8pm-11pm PST with raiders expected to be prepared and ready (pots, flasks, enchants and gems in sockets 10 min prior). We want to create a community in which people are active, playing together running content together and eager to progress during raid nights or nights in which we do guild events. We are all here to have fun and most of us have been raiding/playing together for years. We want people who want to be social and want to progress to be applying and to come join us.

As far as classes/roles are concerned we are recruiting all classes with a priority on Tanks. Classes we are low on at the moment on Enh/Ele shamans and hunters. Feel free to message myself (MrCasual#11294 / or the recruiting officer (Jelly23#1335). Hope to hear from you soon. FOR THE HORDE!

We do have one healing spot atm and a few dps spots open atm

Hey guys Chad the intern here, so I started interning for a new company so I got some ss-4s and 1099 Rs to pass around so bare with me. Ok now that, that is done you can take your seat and we can begin. Have you ever dreamed of making all your friends jealous, and envious of your numerous achievements in life? Have you ever wanted to get so much gains you can bench press 40x your own body weight? Ever wanted to not he able to leave the house without a wet suit on and an inflatable raft?

Well good news for you then since Scripted Encounter has hired me to recruit you. Its that time of year when the time comes to open the flood gates,and get back to the old grindstone. With the dawn of a new teir looming on the horizon, we are looking flesh back out during the calm before the storm, led by a 4/8m team, looking to shore up their roster to take on the new raid by storm.

We raid Monday,Tuesday, Thursday 8-11 PM est. So not a super hard schedule,so it more about being on your A game. Since we all are working professional adults, that like to get together and push mythic content. Whether it be mythic+, mythic raiding,doing the raid achieves for fun. The overall goal though pushing for that sweet sweet nectar of cutting edge.

Now I know everyone here is on the edge of there seats with anticipation, with how you can get yourself an invite. Now we believe in complete transparency, so it wouldn’t feel right without saying are needs and wants. So let’s get to brace tacs and the nitty gritty.


  • Need melee - (rogues, Warriors, monk,dk, shaman,Druid)
  • Need Ranged dps- (priest, druid,shaman,warlock,hunter,mage)

But anyone feel free to scroll down to the bottom of this post and add anyone to get in contact with one of us to inquire more.


  • Be on time and prompt
  • Bring your best
  • Food
  • Flask
  • Potions
  • A pulse
  • The ability to breath through your nose
  • Not to live with your mother but if you do that is cool but be respectful to her.
  • Be able to bench your own body weight.

So that concludes are interview for the day, since I just got a memo that someone is in desperate need of coffee and lunch. So unfortunately This has to get called short, so please go and add sparkytiz#1491, to complete the survey and let my boss know how, i did. or add Lunaspark#1158.and as always chad factor out.

Hi Crunchitoxin,

we are salvage on US-THRALL we are in need of a rogue with mythic exp. we are looking to do progression in 8.3
let talk if you are interested. discord - NAP#2411 or bnet NateTheGreat#11299

Still looking!

bump to the top!

Still looking!

Would love to talk we are a newish guild and are 4/8 and progressing on org just could just a couple more solid dps to round out our core. We are a horde guild on thrall. We raid Tuesday Thursday 9-1130est and also run keys daily my btag is Fire#1218,

Still on the hunt!