Returning player

do just doing quests alone
can it make gold

Yes, to a point. You have the option to sell gear you cannot use, pick up gathering professions and sell the things you gather, then world quests at max level can make you a decent amount of gold.

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The higher your level the more gold you get in quests. Try questing in Pandaria. It’s a treasure trove :smile:

My experience is that just questing will get you more than enough gold for any essentials, and a bit for some non-essentials. (You’ll have to be judicious with those non-essentials, as they can run you out of gold if you’re just questing.)

If you’re looking to make enough gold for the latest big gold sink item or to get enough for a WoW token, you’ll have to do some more organized gold farming.

what do u suggest

Suggest for what, though?

You just don’t need any significant amount of gold while levelling. Quests, and vendoring armour you don’t need, will give you more than enough gold to keep you going.

Once you get to Level 70, things change, and you may want to make gold then, depending on what you are trying to do, but none of that is relevant to you now.

So I suggest you just keep on levelling. Anyhow, you get more gold at level 30 than at level 20 - and more at level 40 than you do at level 30 … and MUCH MUCH more at level 70 than you do at level 60.

A character at Level 70 can make an average of 15,000 gold a week from World Quests alone. So if you really want to make gold fast, your first step is to get to maximum level. It only takes days, maybe a week, depending how you play.

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thank u

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