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ok, after watching the Blizzcon announcements I am SUPER Hyped about WoW again. I havent played for about 5 years, what are some recommendations as to how/where to level etc, i really don’t want to use a boost because i am sure the game is totally different from the last time i played. I own all exp up to the recent Dragonflight so the game is open for me. Any and all help will be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you and have an amazing day :slight_smile:


Welcome back!

5 years … so you played Legion, maybe the start of BfA? I wouldn’t say the game is totally different. It’s still much the same.

Two things that may be new to you in levelling are scaling and Chromie Time.

With Chromie Time, you can talk to Chromie near the Embassy in Stormwind or Org (it’ll be on your map) and be sent to any of the expansions, except Dragonflight, to level to 60. And questing through any expansion will get you from 10 to 60.

So levelling will be blazing fast compared to the old days, or even Legion. I think the world record 10-60 is something like 5 hours. You won’t do that, but it won’t take you more than a couple of days.

With scaling, all the mobs scale to your level, so regardless of the expansion or zone, every mob you meet will be your own level, occasionally plus or minus 1. This makes questing unbearably monotonous and tedious, AFAIAC, but levelling is so quick your suffering will be short.

In dungeons, glitches in scaling can create some crazy situations, with level 10s doing 5 times the damage of level 58s. :exploding_head: :rofl:

All expansions except Dragonflight are open to everyone regardless of purchase, but DF does require purchase, at least for now.

When you get to Chromie, you will want to choose an expansion. Obviously, you may choose a favourite you already know, or BfA, which is a fine expansion to level in if you already know the game. I would caution you about choosing Shadowlands - levelling there REQUIRES you to follow a huge, rigid questchain exactly across all four zones, and I think it would not be a great returning experience. However, if you are not enjoying your first choice, you can go back to Chromie and choose another.

Personally, I always take the opportunity to do the start of WoD to get a Garrison Hearthstone and of Legion to get a Dalaran Hearthstone.

Your subscription will also allow you to make characters in Classic Vanilla or Wrath, which are also available, and a pleasant wayto spend extra time. They have just announced Classic Cataclysm, to which my response is: I deeply HOPE they will keep Wrath servers available after Classic Cata launches. :pray:

Reminding you of the bookmarks you may have forgotten :smiley:

Wowhead for everyting about items, quests, dungeons and so on
Icy Veins for everyting about classes and specs
Curseforge for addons

and ofc YouTube for everything - if it’s in WoW, it’s on YouTube somewhere!

Ask again about anything specific that occurs to you. :smiley:


thank you sooo much for this information, will help me tremendously, thanks for taking the time to do it, appreciated.


Awesome reply and it has helped me as well!


Hey Zythron,

First off welcome back!

If you’d like a leveling partner, let me know! Highness#11347

Bandz you also new?

If you’d like a leveling partner, let me know! Highness#11347

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another thing to note: If you skip BFA intro quests you will miss ALOT of NPCs because two expansions cant ecsist in the world simultaneously so I’d suggest getting the intro to BFA (come sail away / Welcome to Zandalar) achieves done so Shadowlands npcs show up in their respective locations. (it was something i noticed and this may need to be done on every alt because BFA used to be the “go to corralling of new players” so it still is like that in a sense for expansions) another fun thing you can do in chromie time is turn on warmode after level 20 to get the little bit more exp from that too :slight_smile: Good luck and welcome back!