Returning player with tons of exp looking for guild

Hi there,

Returning to wow after a break during most of this expansion. Raided pretty hard from vanilla till legion and hitting top 100 us in multiple raid tiers. But took a break after legion and played off and on.

My history:
Raided thru all content since vanilla molten core (except naxx) till legion. During this time i was a guild master and main swapped for what we needed to push server firsts. I have mained most classes with highest performing on a ele shaman with a ton of us 30 top parses over the years.

Looking for:
A core raid spot dont really care what i main. Looking to help with progression and smashing bosses. I like to bs in discord and talk crap a lot but okay with helping with boss guides and whatever else is needed.

Raiding availability:
Any day after 6pm pacific and over by 11pm

Please feel free to reach out to me here or on discord with any questions. Looking forward to chatting.