Returning player - wanting to tank

Howdy y’all!

I’ve finally bit the bullet and started playing Dragonflight - left shortly after launch.

I’m wanting to get into tanking but have no idea where to even start. I’m familiar with most dungeons pre-DF, but have never run a singular Dragonflight dungeon. Currently sitting at 424 iLevel thanks to the Emerald Dream stuff, but just trying to get my bearings on a good starting point.

Would I be better off running normal dungeons? Heroic? Starting from ground zero feels a tad daunting lol.

Thanks for any help or advice you have. <3

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Obviously if you can find a guild and do Mythic 0s that will help a ton.

Heroic dungeon queue can either be very toxic or pretty chill. A lot of people blow through them, pulling for tanks or wanting to kick slower players, so just be ready for that attitude.

All in all, just queue for heroic dungeons, if you’re super unsure about it, I bet you can find guides on YouTube.