Returning player (since SL/Legion) needing some alt leveling advice

I played in Shadowlands some but havent really really played a ton since Legion. Most of my roster is full of level 45s and im trying to catch them up to current content. At least enough to do DF WQs for passive xp while i work on my main and other things im behind on.

I bought the preorder and got a level 70 boost that i used on my Havoc DH. Also leveled a Dracthyr Evoker to about 65 before switching focus to the DH.

Whats the best way to get those 15 levels from 45-60 to open up DF area? Thanks.

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Being an altoholic myself (14 going strong with 10 maxed so far … I don’t want to talk about it >.>) I have found that throwing toons into chromie time and questing / doing dungeons is a decent way to level. Also throwing warmode on while in chromie times helps as well, with a bit more exp (on top of the anniversary rep!) it goes pretty quickly. You can technically level one toon in a day (if you want to be that ambitious and have no life … like me) … maaaybe two if you hop around often on alts. Good luck!

Id dungeon until 60 then quest at dragonflight while focusing on main story.

If youre account is still fresh i can recruit-a-friend you (no cost to either of us) and i can help run stuff if you need help.

Let me know if youre interested ill send info.

I get bored and help new players a bunch.

I have a total of 44 toons total, so saying that I’m an altoholic is an understatement, lol. I too had been away from the game, AND spent much of my time in Classic when I was in-game, until recently. So almost all of my toons were level 45-ish when I came back to Retail WoW about 2-3 weeks ago. Mind you, some days I only have about an hour to devote to playing WoW during weekdays; other days I have several hours to commit, usually on weekends. So far, I’ve leveled 8 of the 44 toons to level 60 using a combination of things.

  1. Chromie Time - while it’s recommended to use WoD as your leveling expansion post-level 30, I personally prefer the Legion expac. I level 45 to 50 in about an hour-ish.
  2. War Mode is an amazing XP boost! I am on high-pop realms on my toons, but I am rarely attacked by the opposing faction when out questing. When I am attacked and die, at least it’s temporary (unlike Hardcore Classic, lol).
  3. WoW’s 19th Anniversary Buff has made the leveling process amazingly fast!
  4. Heritage Armor quest line at level 50 gives me 3-4 levels with War Mode on. And you are so overpowered while in Chromie-Time that this quest line feels so eeeeaaaazzzyyy! I did the quest line on a level 61 toon for comparison, and geez that was way harder.
  5. Legion Invasions. I think I only had to do 2 of them while leveling those 1st few toons to 60. I tried doing the BFA invasions as well, but no one was around to help kill the boss elites, so I could never finish them. At least with the Legion Invasions, I could get all 4 quest objectives done and get credit for the quest. With my IRL time-constraints, making my own group for BFA elites was not an option.

Most of those 9 of those 44 total toons now are over level 60 (61-63). The rest are level 55-57. All within a very busy IRL 2 weeks time.

As far as leveling through DF to 70, you have to complete all the story lines on one character first before the ability to world quest on your alts opens up. At least that’s what guides say to do, and what others have advised me.

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How do you join a dungeon below level 60? I have a 40 Druid. Is there a Duty finder to queue into? Will I be matched with people of the same level? What is chromie time?

You can use the LFD tool. (It’s the eyeball icon in the micromenu, and I think the default keybind is “I”.) Characters below 60 will only have access to BfA dungeons using LFD. To access other expansions, you’ll need to Chromie Time active for that expansion. (The old Vanilla dungeons are under the Cataclysm timeline.) Chromie is near the embassy in Stormwind/Orgrimmar, marked with an hourglass icon on the map. (There may also be a quest on the Hero’s Call/Warchief’s Command board from Chromie Time which will direct you to her.)

Talking to her will let you choose a timeline (in other words expansion) to level in. Selecting any expansion will turn on level scaling for all expansion, so everything will scale with you to 60. But the specific expansion you choose will set which dungeons you see in LFD. (You’ll also get a breadcrumb to help you get started on quests for the expansion, and it will give Hero’s Call/Warchief’s Command quests from that expansion some priority on the board.)

One minute after you hit 60, Chromie Time ends and you get ported to Stormwind/Org. You can’t access Chromie Time after level 60. (You can still go back and complete any stuff you were working on, but it won’t scale to your level anymore.)