Returning player, new toon looking for guild


I am returning to WoW after quiting at the beginning of DF. I have been testing out classes and I have decided I want to main Paladin. I normally play DPS but I want to learn how to heal and tank as well.

I havent done much for endgame content, mostly just LFR in Legion and that was it. I dont think I have ever run M+ before. I am looking to get into raiding and learn endgame stuff. I dont PvP. You can say I am very casual hahaha. I do like working on Professions, I will probably be working on Mining, Jewelcrafting and Cooking.

I usually play Alliance but now I think I am gonna try out Horde. My availability is usually evenings after 6pm PST, depending on wife and kid aggro.

Discord: Diaz#7798

[Krimson Order] [NA, HORDE] [Hyjal]

We are recruiting new and old players to join our newly formed guild. We are active every evening in game and on Discord. While we are new we have experience in running a guild and a raid team.

Requirements for raid will be:
460+ Item level
Understanding of boss mechanics
A positive player and team player
Ability to progress in a group.
A few add on requirements.

Our primary focus is raiding and mythic plus. We are 4/9 heroic as a group and all of us have ksm and are always helping friends or others get ksm. Our goal will to clear heroic and eventually dip into mythic raiding.

Most of us are close friends and very open and friendly to all. We would rather do content together instead of alone or pugging. We help new players gear up, get achievements and progress to become a better player.

If you are interested you can reach out to:
Battlenet : phaelax#1302 (me)
Discord: sgtfluffybuns

Heavy Metal Lords is a guild that looking for people to build up the raid team and begin doing content. The guild will mostly do Raiding with Mythic + as a secondary so if you’re looking for a place to call home lookout for the ad on the guild finder.