Returning Player looking for Raiding and Mythic Plus Guild

Hello fellow nerds roleplayers and raiders! I’ve been dabbling in WoW and Shadowlands and with a consistent work schedule and my evenings free, I’ve had the strong desire to really get back to the game and finally get into fun and more challenging content. I’m super rusty and haven’t raided (or done any really serious content) Since MoP and I’m hoping to find a cool Guild to finally jump into the content I enjoyed back in the day- and try my hand at all the new features.

While I admit I am rusty, and quite behind (I got one class to 60 and then went back to ffxiv) I’m happy to do the work to catch up and work with any Guild willing to have me. (Even if it’s just as a sub. I’d really enjoy getting back into the game.)

AS FAR AS WHAT I OFFER- I’m a semi experienced healer. Despite not doing any real WoW content since last I played, I know my way relatively well around the healing classes, and have healed regularly in MMO’s since. (Mostly ffxiv)

Any group looking for an experienced (if rusty) healer would find an eager and decent player in me! While I prefer Resto Shaman, Mistweaver Monk, or Disc Priest, I’m happy to play any healer or even ranged dps that a group might need.

FINAL NOTE- it might be weird that I am looking for a PVE Guild on an rp server, but I am an rper at heart, and while I want to focus on content like Raiding and Mythics, I’d be sad without it!

ANYWAY if I catch anyone’s interest feel free to either reply or uhm message me in Game- My Moonguard Character is Kiete, I just use Noree here for the forums.

Good luck with that.

What I did, being a roleplayer, is I found a cross-server community that does dungeons and raids and I group with them.

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That’s a good idea! I’ll try that as well.

The one I use is associated with the guild Delusions of Grandeur over on WRA- but it’s a cross server, cross faction community that runs keys and Normal Nathria every week on both Horde and Alliance sides.

The actual Blizzard community link is here.

There’s a link to the discord once in the community. :slight_smile:

Hey there, if you’ll be playing a goblin, please consider joining Flashbang Exports! We are a medium RP- medium PvE guild that does mythics, raids, and RP events.

I will provide a link to our forum thread below.

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I will check you all out! Goblins are the horde master race after all


Looking forward to seeing more of you Noree! Goblins master race, woohoo.

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