Returning player looking for raid team

I’m looking for a community as much as a raid guild.

Looking for early evening (~5-9PM PST) or weekends.

Discord: Fusa#5767

I have a freshly leveled [A] Warrior (Kara attuned only), or I’m willing to start over Horde (Currently leveling a Hunter) seeing as Alliance is kinda lite right now.

-Willing to transfer to any server, or level new characters to fill team needs.

-Experienced raider in all roles. (Raided as a Hunter, Holy/Disc Priest, and Prot Warrior in retail BC & WOTLK)(Retail Mythic raider, I know you don’t care about retail but I know how to Min/Max and smash my buttons)

-I’m not looking for top 20%, I’m fine with a casual environment. But, I like raid effectivness and poeple not dieing every single pull due to standing in fire.