Returning Player, looking for LGBT+ friendly guild - Non-binary


Hi Everyone!

My name is Tea and I’m just returning to WoW after quite a few years of being away (used to be a serious raider back in Wrath). I’m interested in getting back into it and looking for a friendly LGBT+ guild for a non-binary person.

No preference as to whether it’s Horde or Alliance.

If you don’t mind teaching an old player the new ropes, please seek me out! :slight_smile:

I look forward to hearing from you!


Ahoy there!

Sovereign Sages is an Alliance guild on the Dalaran might be a good fit for you. We’re not specifically a LGBT+ guild, but we do have several members who fit that bill. We’re pretty proud of our community and its inclusiveness.

We are at our core a heroic raiding guild, but we also have social members. We run mythic+ dungeons regularly, we enjoy doing xmog and achievement runs, and just generally hanging out together.

If you’re interested in a fun guild with a good community I think you could find a good home with us.

Shoot me a friend request on Discord or Bnet, and I’d be happy to tell you some more about us.

Discord: Melkain#6347

Bnet: Melkain#1315


[The Dingus Brigade] Alliance on Greymane is looking for casual fun people, rather than raiding, schedules and such. We are still in rebuilding phase, but happy to have you check us out! Kiriin#1940