Returning Player Looking for Guild

Hello all, I’ve recently started playing again and decided I’d like to join a guild this time around.

Pretty casual, able to play a couple hours most days after 7pm cst, can invest more time on Thursdays.

I’d really like to do Mythic Dungeons and raid progression. I do like PVP as well, but won’t attest to being particularly skilled.

I linked my max lvl characters below, I’m a bit of an alt-aholic though so i’ll be getting several others to max level as well.

Thanks in advance for any replies!

I’m recruiting for Elemental Legion.
We are a newer guild ready to get started on raids and looking to push to the number 1 spot on the realm leaderboards.
DM me for an invite

Alien Empire on Proudmoore US!
Brand new guild, join and help decide what kind of guild we will be! Starting casual, plan on doing dungeons, raids, pvp, mythic+, pet battles, guild events, input/suggestions are welcome. Become an alien! Msg me for an invite.

Hello! I’m With Stupid on Fizzcrank is looking for some new players. We are an established guild, though we only have about 7 active players. Our entire guild is filled with alt-o-holics. We enjoy having fun and running the content we are able. We do not take anything too seriously. You can message me on BNet (Moonlaura#1830) or here.