Returning player looking for guild

I just got back into the game about a week ago. I quit mid Mythic Progression of CN due to a health emergency with my daughter.

I came back and leveled my DH, and have quickly geared it up to ~240 ilvl right now, hoping to get caught up and be viable to a group for 9.2 as raiding is my passion.

I’m hoping to tank, but as I understand most guilds are set with the ones they have, I can DPS if needed. I’m an EST player so I prefer those time frames, and no weekends, as thats family time.

I’m still a bit behind, but I’m a smart player, I’ve been AOTC, CE, casual to hardcore throughout my wow career. I come to raid prepared and have a basic knowledge of how the fights go.

I’m not expecting to be recruiting by the best of the best by any means, but would like to be semi-competitive. I figured I’d give this a shot on the Arthas forum before I xfer like most other people have apparently.

Warbroken#1488 is my btag