Returning player looking for group to run with

Long time wow player. Skipped last expansion got married had a kid. Well I am back looking to find a home with a mature player base. I am 44 I have a a wife and 2 wonderful kids that will always come first. I like to raid and really want to get into m+ I have a stable of this I can play but atm I am focusing on my fire mage level 60 . I have tanked healed and dpsed in a raid progression guild in the pasted. Play time is 830 pm to 100 am pst. Thanks for reading my wall of text.

Any chance you can start at 7 pst? We are an adult-only guild that runs Tues and Thurs from 7-10pst. Currently 4/10H, 10/10N and I could definitely fit in another mage. If you can make the time work for the most part, add me at Rawrabear#1450.

Thanks for the post ill talk to you