Returning player looking for BT-Holy Knights

Took a few years off and had to create a new account. Used to play my main under the name Mirimar. Looking for anyone from Holy Knights, which was my first guild over 13 years ago, who can extend an invite so I can come home. Thanks for the potential help. Kilroy

Hey there, sorry didn’t see your post sooner. Not many people visit the forums any more. I seem to recall your characters name, Phenomaheal said he remembers you from back in the day. A lot of us that use to play Alliance side, in Epic, Holy Knights, Eternium, and other guilds are all over on Horde side now. A good deal of people are in Fates Call. If you were up for rolling new on the winning team side, :wink: feel free to put in a request in the guild finder and we will get you right in. As for Holy Knights, I honestly don’t know if they are around any more. The server has changed a lot since you played, we are now connected to 7 other servers. Any way, welcome back.

Thanks for the reply, rolling a new hordie here in a couple and will go for the invite. Please pass Hi to Phenom from Xarlanna and Mirimar. Thanks.

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