Returning player looking for AOTC+ guild

Hello, I’m planning to return from several months break before the release of S4. (I’ve quit the game near the raid week 3 since real life stuff got quite busy)
I’m mainly playing mage since the shadowlands and usually get 92~96 heroic parse. My old guild was bombed on S1 dragonflight, so I’ve quit the game quite early on each season. Therefore, I’ve decided to find new guild to play with chill people. I can also handle WW monk, Shadow Priest but deciding between mage/sp for the next season to enjoy m+.

I don’t want a guild that gets too much sweaty for achieving something, but just a like-minded people who try their best to acheive AOTC+ (at least 40+ parse). I hope there’s also spot for my brother who play pally and druid (80+ parse). He plays tanks on m+ and dps on raids. I prefer 6pm ~ 10:30pm PST raid time.

I will contact if you leave a comment below, Thank you !