Returning player- Looking for AOTC and gaming community


I’ve recently returned after a long break and I’m looking to reroll to get back into the swing of things. I’m looking for a medium to large group of people who either wish to create a community or already run one that achieves AOTC (or higher) every tier.

Additionally, it is important to me for the group to play other games as well such as dead by daylight, deception games, cards against humanity, and other steam/web games in the offnights. I’m in my late 30s and find it more desirable to crack a couple beers and have mindless fun in community games rather than grind keys ad nauseam.

I am available weekdays after 4 pm pst (7 pm est) and weekends after 10am pst (1 pm est)

Let me know if I sound like a good fit for your group.


Hi Ronchy! Please take a look at our Community! I think the times and the range of activities we provide may well meet your needs! Our growing Community (300+) is looking for a select few to help keep ourselves active, positive, and engaged in fun! Yes, you can join once 9.2.5 hits! Check us out :slight_smile: