Returning player looking for an off hours guild


I moved to central Europe, but still have my account on the US servers since there is no way to migrate my progress to the european realms.
I played wow from vanilla up until roughly the release of MOP and then decided to quit. Now, over 6 years later I picked the game back up and am enjoying the whole experience (even leveling is fun again).
The only problem is that I can’t find a guild or community playing anywhere near the hours that I am online.
I am online almost every evening from
21:30-24:00 CET which equates to
12:30-15:00 PST or
15:30-18:00 EST
In the event that a raider is actually needed I can push my online time later than midnight, but not extensively. (And would have to get raid ready before that)
Right now my main focus is leveling, catching up gear level, doing achievments, but mostly finding a guild that I can enjoy the game with.

All of my characters are alliance right now, but…yes, I will reroll Horde to do so. I saved the level boost for this purpose. I can focus any class on either side as needed. My main was/is a guardian druid, but have raided on everything successfully except as a healer.

Please post here or message me @Tired#1664


Still looking


Still looking