Returning player looking for an alliance guild to join

Good evening everybody!

So first thing first, a bit about me… I use to play WoW a lot back in MoP, then my friends quit playing at the beginning of WoD and I have been off and on since. Last time I raided was Normal CN in SL. I quit then due to mental health issues. I did a quick appearance at the beginning of DF but newborn baby aggro kept me from getting into it. But now my son is older and I can finally get back into the game!

With that being said, I will be leveling a fresh toon. I will be rolling a Human or Dranei Ret/Holy Paladin, until I can be a Velf Paladin mwahahaha. Never healed before but it is something I am interested in learning. I love working on Professions, transmogs, farming mounts and I try to be as helpful as I can (Im Canadian, Ill even say sorry for you). I would love to get back into raiding, would love to become a heroic raider at some point haha. Ive never done a M+ before, I hear about keys but really have no idea what they are.

I do use VC for raids, though I am usually quiet unless its to ask questions about mechanics, acknowledge callouts or to give feedback. Otherwise my anxiety goes crazy if I go into VC to just chit chat and hangout, its not as bad when I get to know the people though. I know, odd duckling.

Im available any evening from 7pm-11pm PST. 7pm is the earliest I can do due to wife and kid aggro.

My btag is Diaz#11873
Discord is Diaz#7798

Greetings Magraat! We are Blades of Law. We define ourselves as a “Mythic explorers” guild, meaning our goal is to get a quick AOTC and then get into Mythic raiding without making CE our objective. We are looking for a few more active players to complete our roster and make it possible to get into Mythic raiding consistently. Our raid schedule is Tuesday: Optional Casual Alt Raid night (always one difficulty level below the prog raid) Friday raid progress or fresh 7:30pm to 9:30pm CST. Saturday night raid progress 7:30pm to 9:30pm CST. Our highest priority in terms of recruitment is having active and reliable people who are motivated in exploring the content with us in an efficient way.

Currently 1/9 mythic

Recruitment needs

  • Any Ranged DPS.
  • Any DPS with Healer off spec.
  • Always looking for dedicated competent nice players regardless of spec/role.

Please reach out if you have any questions or want to start a conversation.

Sontaient-Whisperwind Blizzard: Balogik#11684 Discord Balogik#7102

Guild sounds great. Sadly, your guild starts at 5:30pm my time so it wouldnt. 9pm your time is the earliest I could start. Thanks though.