Returning player Looking for a guild

im a returning player looking to get back into semi hardcore raiding and mythic plus in 9.1 I play healers put time in on mythic and heroic raids on all of the healing specs at one time or another. just looking for a raiding and mythic plus pushing guild to chill have a couple brews with and play. if we mesh well together lmk what healer you guys need and ill happily play it.

Hey Loki, I’d love to chat with you on Discord, we are in need of a priest healer for our raid team! Add me at Letholas#9581! Talk soon

Hey, I’m recruiting for The Nasty Bathhouse a horde guild based in Mal’ganis. We are a pretty chill group that comes to play on raid nights. Our raid environment is pretty chill semi-serious vibes with priority on keeping a positive fun environment while staying competitive for prog.

We are currently 3/10M and our raid times are Tues/weds 8-10pm CST but right now we are starting 30 minutes early Tues to get some more pulls in for prog. Our guild is fairly new to mythic raiding and this tier is kind of our trial by fire to get us prepared to hit the ground running to try for CE in 9.1

No transfers needed for this tier since we can cross realm anyways unless you decide you enjoying raiding with us. Let me know if you have any questions to gauge if we are the right fit for what you are looking for you can add me on discord Tyrone#6743

Hey Loki,

Would you consider Alliance? My guild is on Sargeras. We dabble into Mythic raiding (3/10) but not taking it too seriously. The focus is more into AOTC & M+ though.

You would fit well in for 9.1 since you’re mainly looking for a place to chill and chat, we’re very big into that.

Let’s have a chat? My Bnet is Robert#6541

Hi, Loki!

Goblin Mafia is looking for a resto shaman. We raid on Tues/Thurs 8:30-11:30pm EST. We are 3/10M currently with experience on Sun King. If you would like to know more contact me on
bnet: Ally#1206
discord: Ally#2075

Hi Loki! I think we’d be a great fit. Take a look and let us know. Happy to chat more!

Hi Loki!

Sever Reality on Bleeding Hollow is currently recruiting healers as we continue to progress through Mythic CN. We’re 3/10M but hoping to get much further and with goals of CE when 9.1 drops. You can learn more information about us at this link: [H] <Sever Reality> 10/10H, 3/10M, M/TH 9-12PM EST

Hey Lõkì,

How about a fresh start as Alliance on Sargeras?

Ultimate is recruiting a couple of healing roles. We’re 4/10M and working on blasting through the rest of Castle Nathria.

Mythic Raid Schedule
Tuesday: 10:00PM CST - 1:00AM CST
Thursday: 10:00PM CST - 1:00AM CST

Questions? Join our discord server and message Guidinglight -

Want to apply ? You can do it here -

Allo Loki!

Dusk Eternal is most likely a good fit for you and we are looking to expand our Healing roster! We are an AotC guild and are prepping for Heroic and Mythic in 9.1

We run a relaxed ship that has a damn good time while getting bosses to 0%, and we do the M+ thing too with great success insert Borat face here

Reach out to me via discord if youre interested. bluu#7164


I think we have a guild that would be a good fit. Some of our members often partake in raid beers and we like to have good time.

Guid: Dark Gestures
Realm: Thrall (H)
Recruitment contacts: BNet Devonair#1975 Discord: Jenn#5528

We are an AOTC focused guild looking to broaden out our raiding roster. We are currently 10/10h. In 9.1 we will once again have a focus on reaching AOTC and are looking to build a mythic roster that will continue to progress on content while maintaining our casual but competitive vibe. Outside of raids we also have groups running mythic + dungeons, some pvp and transmog runs.

9.1 Raid Schedule:
Friday/Saturday 8-11pm est with an optional alt fun run Wednesdays at 7pm est

Raid needs:
Currently recruiting for all roles. Main tank spots are taken but on occasion we do need to fill that role if one is away.

Raiding requirements:
Come to raid prepared. We will provide feasts/cauldrons.
Be aware of boss fights/mechanics. While we will learn the finer details as a group and are willing to help new members catch up on new fights, we ask that you have a general idea of what to expect.
Have a headset and working microphone. While you will not be expected to be a social butterfly there are points in raid where communication is required.
Regularly attend raids.
Be able to mesh with existing group. We are serious when it comes to boss pulls but expect lots of laughter and jokes during trash and between pulls. Have the ability to take a joke.
Our mythic roster will have ilvl/dps/class requirements.

Social members are always welcome.

Guild Culture:
We are an active and friendly guild who focus on progressing through content while maintaining a fun and lighthearted atmosphere. We are a 18+ guild and no drama will be tolerated. We provide an active discord full of players willing to help old and new members alike. If you ever need help with something be it gearing/rotation/mechanics someone will always be willing to lend a helping hand.

If this sounds like something you would like to be a part of please reach out to me and we can talk further.

Discord: Ehlissa#9836
BNet: okayitsliz#1616

Too many walls of text. If faction xfer is an option let’s chat. Check out our discord, and see for yourself.

We mostly just need a healer over here at avalanche here’s our pasta with our info. We are 10/10H btw

Hello friends! We are AVALANCHE. AVALANCHE is a guild that is all about Raiding, Community and Fun. We wish to do sufficiently challenging content while also allowing our players freedom to have fun and lives outside of the game. We try to support each other in our endeavours, give a home for everyone in the guild and allow them to express their own identity and strengths as people.

Going into shadowlands we have 3 goals in mind every raid tier

  1. Help each other achieve our goals
  2. Achieve Ahead of the Curve (AOTC) for each PVE raid tier
  3. Achieve Glory of the Raider for each PVE raid tier

Our Raids are 11:30pm Server time - 2:00 am server(this is 8:30 - 11:00pm pst) Tuesday and Thursday. We have 2 off raid nights where we do things like visions/torghast/mythic +/etc to help build up off roles and have fun.

You can reach me on bnet and discord at fynale#1653

Hi Lõkì,

If Horde doesn’t work out feel free to check us out and reach out. We are recruiting for this tier and 9.1
Good luck to ya regardless!

welcome back!

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