Returning player looking for a guild

I’ve been playing off and on since launch, and I find myself able to come back to game. My old guilds are gone or are ghost towns, so I’m looking to find a new group. I live on the west coast, and primarily play later on week days. I’m fairly casual, and while I would be happy to work my way into raiding, I’m just as happy to run dungeons and PVP. I do put the time into learning my class, but I’m not concerned about racing for the bleeding edge.

Edit: I should also add I generally play healers, with a paladin, priest, and druid, and DPS.

I’m looking for a group of people who actively involve their guildies, and who like to experience the content the game has to offer. Speaking of, because I’m now more casual, I wouldn’t mind learning about RP a bit. That being said, I would like to keep the RP light because while I think it could be fun, going and doing are more fun than standing and talking.

I currently have a smattering of character spread across several servers and both factions, so I’m not locked into any one server or faction. I’d be happy to transfer or just start a new character for the right group.

Does anyone have a guild they think I might fit into?

Hi Sparafucile! We are StuggIe CuddIe ([H]Mal’Ganis), an old guild with good people. We are looking for friends to either join our ranks, or to join us for our first Mythic pulls! We have former top raiders, casual raid loggers, and everything in between. We enjoy spending time together, and are looking to engage in more content.

Raid times: Tue/Thur 7PM CST-10PM

So if you are looking for a guild to call home, or if you want to xrealm raid with us, say hi!

Discord (preferred):

Thank you for the reply! I will definitely keep you in mind, but I’m still at work at 7PM CST. With that, i’m looking for a guild that’s most active starting around 6-7 PM PST during the week.

Hey Sparafucile,

We are decently active at those hours, and would love to welcome another casual member looking to do pvp and dungeons! We’ve been together for over 11 years now, with a smaller, tight knit group that just looks to have fun with everything the game has to offer.

We do M+, heroic warfronts, timewalk raids, casual pvp, heroic raids, achievement runs, etc.! We have a big range of interests with our members.

If you want to chat / know more, message me on bnet: Alveia#1839

Hello, we are recruiting and you are welcome to join us for social aspects. We’re a bunch of late night players that you can run M+ and PvP with.

How Long On Brez | Horde | Mal’Ganis

We raid Saturday and Sunday, 1:00am-3:30am CST


Hi Sparafucile, Lightbringer’s server time is the same as the West Coast. It’s not an RP realm, but recruitment spam follows! :smiley: Get in touch if you’d like to chat!

☆Novus Sanctum☆

[A] Novus Sanctum (Lightbringer) is a Heroic Progression guild focused on getting AOTC for every raid tier. We’re a bit more than casual, but not quite hardcore. Think Casual with standards and expectations. Raiding together since WoD, we’re a close-knit community looking to add a few key players to our raid team for current and future raiding.


The Eternal Palace – 8/8H (AOTC)
Crucible of Storms – 2/2H (AOTC)
Battle of Dazar’alor - 9/9H (AOTC), 1/9M
Uldir: 8/8H (AOTC), 2/8M

Raid Nights:

Tuesday and Thursday - 5:45pm -8:30pm PST (server time)

Current Need(s) :

Shadow Priest

We are also always open to skilled and motivated players who want to raid and clear content in a timely manner but want a life outside of WoW as well.

Just looking for a guild with nice people to socialize with? Still gearing up, or don’t want to raid at all? No Problem! We take casual players and under-geared alike!

We welcome good people for good times!

Guild Focus:

Heroic Progression with an emphasis on working together as a group without drama. We expect you to be knowledgeable of your class, be prepared for new bosses (watching videos, proper add-ons such as DBM or Bigwigs). We offer guild repairs, active discord/guild chat, helpful guildmates, etc. We also have a very consistent M+ community with multiple keys happening just about daily. Of course there are the transmog and achievement runs, etc.

Come join us for 8.3!

If interested or want to find out more, add and message me at:

BNET: Bree#11915
DISCORD: Bree#204

Guild & Server: <Durum Modus> US-Illidan Horde
Raid times: Tues/Weds 9:00PM-12:00AM EST (8:00PM-11:00PMPM ST)
Current Progression: 4/8M EP with 30% on OrG
Recruitment Contacts: Btag: Lorelai#1228, Purrseus#11352 Discord: chef#8725
Requirements: Flexible requirements, but 65 neck, doing weekly 10’s, etc, always pushing to better yourself as well as the love of mythic. Right mindset and a great os/alt
Needs: DPS: Ranged Mage/Hunter/Spriest 1 Healer ( Pally pref’d)

Hi Sparafucile! I think you would be a great fit in our guild!

Found a Green Quest (Est. March 2018) a horde PVE guild with a cross-realm community is located on Zul’jin. We’re a small but growing fun, friendly, social family. We have a big focus on fun in and out of Azeroth.

We host community events such as fun contests, leveling groups, crazy mythics/dungeons/raids and more!

If you would like more information, have any interest or have any questions please reach out to me on here, or discord.

Real ID: Kiua#1912
Discord: Kiuayoukai#2395

Hey Sparafucile!

From the explanation of what you are looking for is a perfect fit for our guild!

We can be a perfect fit for you as well all of our guild activities are 9-930 pm est so 6-630 your time
We have a great group of chill, fun and friendly people
We like to dabble in all aspects of the game together and have a active discord as well

We would love to have ya join us
We are H zuljin

Message me with any questions

Btag hgrant225 #1568

Hi there! So as the title states, my guild is in a rebuilding phase.

Dracarys Productions on Bleeding-Hollow[H]

I had to take a break due to IRL stuff and lost most of my members in those few months. I came back to my guild in August and since than have been actively recruiting.

With classic and more established guilds, recruitment has been difficult. So here it goes.

My goal for my guild/community is to build up a fun, friendly, casual environment with active members that actually engage in guild activities.

I want core members to run mythic + groups weekly, raid and pvp as well as run achievement/mount and mog runs.

I want casual members to participate in activities as well as be active in guild chat.

Currently Need ALL SPECS/CLASSES. Willing to place people where they are comfortable, with possibly off roles as well.

Anyway, if you think that you would like to be apart of rebuilding this community, shoot me a message on discord or bnet.


<Alliance Lives Matter> Currently 8/8M[US110] , 8/8H EP [first week aotc] , 9/9M BoD [CE] , 2/2H CoS, 8/8M Uldir [CE] , 11/11M Antorus [cutting edge].

Recruitment Needs for Mythic: (Transfer Required) 1 disc priest, 1 holy paladin, 1 demon hunter, 2 ranged dps(strong preference for spriest+warlock) 1 elemental shaman… Potentially 1 other stud melee player. Anyone talented regardless of class/spec will be considered. Do not be shy to apply even if you are not one of our high priority classes.

We just transferred to the largest alliance server in the game, Stormrage! We are making an aggressive push to recruit those who have what it takes to achieve Famed Slayer+Hall of Fame in the final raid tier of BFA and going forward. We also are always recruiting social, normal, and heroic raiders.

Finished US 140 for Mythic BoD. Killed Jaina multiple times before the hardcore nerfs and reclear her every week.


We also recruit normal and heroic only raiders for our normal and heroic raids. We have many awesome less hardcore players that join us for heroic and normal to learn from our mythic raiders. This is a very active and growing guild. Our raiders do not just log on to raid and than disappear.

Guild Goals: We are pushing aggressively for Hall of Fame/Famed Slayer/Sub 100 US in 8.3 Ny’alotha raid and going forward. We show marked improvement every single raid tier. We set our goals and then we do what it takes to meet them. We do meet our goals. Period. We started antorus 5 months late and burned our way through cutting edge Antorus. We easily achieve cutting edge every raid tier. This IS a cutting edge raiding guild with structure and organization that is going to be a famed slayer raid guild.

Raid Schedule [12 hours / week for mythic team]
[Mythic] Tues/Wed/Thurs/Sun - 8:30 to 11:30 pm central (9:30 to 12:30 pm est)
[Heroic] Saturday- Open to our heroic team raiders, mythic raiders, and mythic raider alts. run 8:30 central to 11:00. This team full clears heroic easily as well.
[Normal] Friday open to anyone 8:30 central to 10:00.

We push people to get 1 heroic clear and 1 mythic 10 plus a week done. This is required for our mythic raiders. As long as there is forging in the game people should be fishing for titanforges.

More about the guild: This is a semi-hardcore mythic progression focused guild first and foremost. We are an extremely active guild, the most active on the server, and more active than most servers/guilds. Our people do not just log on for raids once or twice a week. Our average age range is 21-33. We enjoy PvP- arenas, rbgs, bgs, wpvp, Mythic+, achievements. We have a very laid back but like to get stuff done kind of atmosphere when it is not raid time. When it is raid time, we get focused and serious and competitive in a non toxic results oriented manner. Very active and supportive guild filled with awesome human beings. Our raiders are competitive players always striving to better themselves. Flasks and feasts and vantus runes are provided for all progression raiding. We constantly analyze logs and push for improvement. We do not settle for mediocrity in any of our members so by being a part of this guild you will become a better player and person. This is just a small taste of our guild. Please contact an officer to have any questions or concerns addressed.

If you’re interested in raiding with us or would just like to join the guild feel free to contact Nebulaphobia, our recruitment officer.!!

BTag: Ashe#1789

Discord: Ashie#6243

In Game: Nebulaphobia-Stormrage

Thank you all. I’m going to try to be in touch with a few of you during the week.

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