Returning player looking for a future

I logged into my retail account earlier today after a much needed break from classic (love the game, hate the grind) and was completely lost on what to do and where to go. My addons were all busted, my interface looked like one of my daughter’s drawings and I was genuinely overwhelmed.

Over the years I’ve had many in game friends come and go. I’ve raided previous expansions however as the years progressed, my friends ended up going back to League and other FPS games. I was always the “mmo guy” as it’s my preferred genre. Once again I find myself solo in a mmo community.

I think I need a fresh start and a new home.

I’m willing to play any faction, any class, any role. Leveling will not be an issue as I’m sure I’ll grind to cap in no time. My main availability for the next 5 weeks would be after 8pm PST every day. Once I return to work I would be forced to Saturday/Sunday nights (after 8pm PST) with a couple hours scattered during the daytime. Not ideal I know, but neither is shift work.

Maybe you have the guild that I’m looking for.

Maybe you’re reading this, in a similar situation. If so feel free to piggyback this comment.

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Hello Ghedren we welcome returning players! If you are looking for a new home for Shadowlands and want to push for CE we may be the guild for you! -Eternal Rise- is a brand new guild on Area 52 looking for all classes and roles to fill for our roster for Shadowlands, our raid times will be Tues/Thurs 8pm-11pm Est, we are also looking for a few officers that would be interested in that role, in the mean time we plan to run Mythic+ while we build our community. If you are interested or have any questions feel free to contact me, thank you! :slight_smile:

Contact Info: Bnet Grace#1550

Hey-o! Corvaliini here!

Remnant of the Fallen is a casual guild on Earthen Ring always looking to help new/returning players as we get ready for Shadowlands! Or any time really!

We definitely want to have a small raid team by the time SL hits, so we’re trying to build up for that and would welcome any addition to our guild! Time and day for those activities is not set yet so we’re open to ideas and suggestions!

So if you’d like a nice, friendly place to level up and help us hit the end game now and in the future we’d love to talk with you!

Gnomesftw#1868 btag
Gnomesftw#3645 discord

See ya around!

I like those raid times, I’m messaging you now

Hey there! It sounds like we may be a good fit for you. We’re a new guild but we have lots of promise. Wr have aotc and are excited to go into mythic once we have our team together. Give us a look! Important info:
-US server - Stormreaver - Horde
-Saturday / Sunday Raid Days 9pm - 12am MST
-Heroic 12/12 with the intent to start Mythic progression
-Ranged DPS needed | Healer class needed


  • B-net: Wolf#16175 / Discord: Wolf {Ruff}#0354
  • B-net: Grymkhaos#1356 / Discord: Grymkhaos Badazz#9521(disc is my preferred method of contact)

Hello, KnightOwls is a guild currently focused on Heroic flex and M+. Eventually we would like to get into some mythic progression before the end of BFA.

As for Shadowlands, our plan is to hit the ground running. We want to get into raiding ASAP, gear, and start mythic progression.

In addition, I am looking for people to create a Mythic plus team and push past 2k io with. Currently need DPS or a Tank to full the spots.

If you’re interested please feel free to contact us.


Crimson Brotherhood is always looking to add cool people to our community. We are small group of friends that have been hammering down together for a number of years and FINALLY decided to up and make our own guild. Its been growing pretty quickly and filling up with some quality peoples with similar community first mindsets. We are currently hanging around the 14-16 key mark and are really just looking for cool people to hang out with. Gear and experience aren’t an issue. You’re more than welcome if you’re new or returning from a break or you’re just looking to get in on some keys and get some loot with a fun group of people. We don’t take much seriously (we joke around a ton during keys) and are looking to grow a community that is based on helping each other. We PVP and do Keys mainly, but are looking to dabble in some raiding. If you’re having a hard time finding some quality people to hang with or are just looking for a fresh start hit me up on BNET and we’ll get you situated.


We would love to have you enter the dojo.