Returning player look for late night guild

Looking for a semi hardcore progression guild for shadowlands. I can’t raid before midnight EST unless its Sunday/Monday then I can raid whenever. I’m just looking for a solid group to raid with so I don’t have to pug. Willing to play DK or Mage my btag is Jabnhook#1551 please contact me if you have a spot


I am PapaDobek, I have led many guilds over the years including server 1st kills. I plan to build a core 10man group with competent players and possibly a 25man if I can find the players. This is a progression and pvp driven guild. Raids will be x2 days a week, on the weekdays starting at 9:00pm ranging from 2-3 hours. Guild mates are encouraged to form arena groups and there will be weekend fun guild calendar events that are not required but optional, such as battlegrounds, alt runs, etc. If the above sounds good for you please shoot me a message and I will gladly send out an invite. We have discord, website is thewayofthefist.enjin. com, you can also find us searching in the in-game guild search. We do not tolerate any kind of toxic behavior, this is a place of peace for us adults to unwind out of our hectic days. My wife and I play together as well as a few others.

Calendar/Raid events will be posted once they are available.

OUr times fit friend.