Returning player. Likes PVP and progression Blade's Edge


I used to play heavily through BC, then dabbled a bit once in a while after that. I’ve recently gotten back into WoW. I really enjoy PVP the most, but also like dungeons and raids. I prefer healing, but am open to playing other roles. Game has changed enormously, so my skills leave something to be desired. That being said, I’m happy to read up and watch videos and take advice to get better.

I’ve gone down the alt rabbit hole when I resubbed, lol, and have a shaman (my main), druid, priest, and am leveling/enjoying the storylines with a pally and DH.

My play times are mostly weekdays, 7am- 3pm PST. Evenings are possible, but nothing I can be consistent on. Just depends on what’s going on with the family.

I’d like a friendly guild that wants to progress, pvp (arenas and rated BGs >random BGs) but realizes video games aren’t everything.

All my characters start with “Rigg” for the name. So if I’m not on whatever my portrait is, I may be on another toon if you’d like to chat.

Thank you