Returning player LF weekend raid spot

Hello there,

As you can see from the title, I’m a returning player. The last expansion I played was Legion where I main a rdruid, prior to legion i main a dk/ret pally. Also parsed in the top 50 NA as a frost dk.

I got back to WoW about 2-3 weeks ago and did a ton of research on different classes before deciding to go with lock as I’ve always seen this class to be one of the most consistent dps dealer. I’m willing to commit as much time as need on weekends to progress in raids.

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sorry posted it on the wrong character

Hello Nurkz :slight_smile:

is a friendly Heroic/Mythic Raiding guild. Our goal for every raid tier is to have AOTC and some Mythic boss progression whilst maintaining a positive, fun, welcoming and friendly atmosphere.

Our raid team progression and raid days/times are as follows:

12/12H 10/12M

Weekday Mythic Raid (10/12M)
(Tuesday/Thursday 9pm to 12am EST)

Weekend Mythic Raid (5/12M)
(Friday 9:30pm EST-12:30am EST)

Casual Heroic Raid
(Wednesday 9pm to 12pm, Saturdays 630pm to 930pm EST)

We’re looking for dependable players with good attitudes. Both raiders and casual players alike. We want players who are looking for a long term guild to call home and enjoy both the game content and the social aspect of the game.

General Recruitment:

We currently are under open recruitment for casual heroic raiders. We area always accepting new players for five man content and leveling.

Core Raid
There are no current spots available for the Core Raid. We will always consider highly qualified candidates especially as we gear up towards a CE push towards the end of this tier and/or the beginning of Shadowlands.

Weekend Mythic Raid Team
Formed 6/8/20. Under open recruitment.465+ ilvl with or working on the correct essences. Please expect to continue to work to cap out your corruption resistance. Mythic is never really casual.You need to be working to maximize your character and improve your own play. Personal accountability and a drive to do better is a must.

Tanks: (2-3)

Healers (4-5)

rDPS (7): Need a lock and immunities (hunters/mages). All are welcome.

mDPS (6)

BNet contact information:
Add yrreg (recruitment officer) yrreg4791#1858 and/or
Zakyria (Weekend Mythic Raid lead) Zakytor#1336
Pummels (Weekday Mythic Raid lead) aminshall12#1819


Hey Xeüz,

I’m with the guild Déjà Vu on Thrall. We’re currently 5/12M raiding on Saturdays at 8pm to 12am EST. We also have an optional Heroic reclear and cloak catchup Tuesdays 9pm to 12am EST. We’re currently looking to recruit ranged DPS for our Mythic raid team, and we’re willing to work to help gear the right players.

If you want to talk more, you find me on BNET (Templaart#1155) or Discord (Templaart#8716).

We will have multiple raid teams including a weekend team for SL.

Hi Nurkz,

Split (Mal’Ganis) is looking for a few more to finish our roster for Shadowlands. Our leadership is 12/12m Ny’alotha with CE tiers completed dating back to Cata.

We’ll be raiding:
Fri-Sat 10:00pm - 1:00am EST

Reach out if interest Elms#1515.

Good luck in your search.

Divine (H) Tichondrius 5/12M

We are a close group of in game friends that have been raiding for a couple years now. Looking for more semi hardcore players to fill out our roster for shadowlands and achieve CE. Fairly active for mythic+ (1800-2300io).

Friday/Saturday 8:00pm-11:00pm PST
(Optional) Wednesday heroic run at 8pm CST

1 tank

Btag: Tyrue#1545
Discord: Tyrue#1556


Hey Xeüz,
I’m King the GM of NOSTALGÍA in Tichondrius. We are always looking for exceptional players and especially DPS. If you ever want to chat and learn about our guild pst me. King#1127