Returning player -LF Reroll

Hello! I’ve recently returned to the game and I’m slightly behind the curve. Looking to get back into raiding.

My primary choice would be to help form a reroll guild where everyone starts at 1 and works our way up to current content +. This is mainly aimed at those returning, people who have had guilds disband, or those who are looking for an activity with a group outside of what their main’s schedule is.

If rerolling isnt an option, I have several classes at 120 including bear/boomkin, UH DK, HDH, and BM hunter with others close to 120. I would be willing to play just about anything for the right fit and can level quickly.

My raiding experience is extensive- from full naxx clear in vanilla and clearing all raids since except the end of BC. Id consider myself a slightly above average raider, but not anywhere near the top.

My main goal is to find a group of people that are in their 30s and now play this game for fun and for community rather than sacrificing everything for server first nonsense. I want adult humor and vulgarity. A family, if I may be so cliche.

I can raid mon-thurs from 7:30 pm PST (10:30 pm EST) and I’m open on weekends.


Hey void! I too am in my 30’s and play for fun! While I don’t have anything in the way of reroll, I can offer a semi casual environment that fits your raid time needs perfectly if you are willing to work your way into raiding shape. Take care!

Hey Void!

I’d like to chat more with you if you’re interested! We just returned to the game to dive into mythic on our own terms. I’m working on building a great community and based on what I have seen… I think you’d be a great fit! Add me.

Pep Talk is a newly formed guild on (H) Illidan with the purpose of enjoying content as a community. Currently pursuing end game content in pve/pvp and eventually moving into mythic raiding.

We are looking for anyone interested in joining our community. Previous raiding experience is not needed and we are willing to help complete mythic + to help gear.

We raid on Saturdays and Sundays 9:15-11:45 eastern. Groups will start forming around 9:00 eastern to be as efficient as possible. Flasks and food will be provided.

Transmog runs and pvp groups will be set up periodically throughout the week as we gain more members.

Contact : Arc#11310 Bnet
Arc#9996 Discord

Raid times : Saturday/Sunday 9:15-11:45 eastern

Hello Void,
We have cliche for you!
Come take a look at our discord and chat with us sometime. I think we’d be a good fit for you.

Order of Azeroth is a brand new alliance guild aspiring to create a community with a focus on PVE.
US- Kel-Thuzad

We are finalizing our teams for a semi-hardcore raiding team as well as a casual team:

  1. A progressive 2-3 day dedicated semi-hardcore raiding team. We are looking for dps (prefer ranged), 1 tank, and healers (non-restoration druids).
  2. A casual raiding team. We are recruiting all roles currently.

Check out our discord if you’d like to chat sometime:

Dracarys Productions is a small time guild RECRUITING ALL CLASSES/SPECS.
-:dragon:Small casual fun guild looking to get back into the raiding/mythic scene after about a 6 month hiatus.

Looking for people to join our ranks and become active members in our community. On off days we like to run mythics, mog/mount runs, some pvp, island expeditions,etc.

Raid days: Tues/Thurs 8:30-11:30pm

Looking for positive engaging people to help rebuild up this guild!

For more information please feel free to message me, i will answer everyone asap.

Me and a few of my guild members xfered our mains to another server to join up with another guild for raiding as i didnt have the time with moving and such. I am xfering my mains back but am basically starting from scratch via guild wise. Most of the guild that remains are alts or offline members.

I am looking for fun down to earth people to engage in guild activities such as raiding, mythics, pvp, island expeditions etc. Please feel free to message me on bnet if you would like to chat.

Looking forward to speaking with you.


Hi there! We have several members, rerolling and levelling. We ourselves, reformed after leaving a former guild. I would love to talk to you further! My contact info is at the bottom of the post.

If you looking for a guild to call home, progress in content while in the company of a fun group of friends,
Miscreants Arygos-Llane is a small knit group building our ranks for EP. We understand that real-life comes before raid life,we come home to our WoW family to unwind, not a second job. As a guild, we enjoy M+ keys, Raiding, and a little PVP on the side. Our goal is to build a solid core team to push into Palace, while still maintaining an organized but fun atmosphere. All classes welcome.

Progress: Eternal Palace 7/8N
Server: US-Arygos/Llane
Schedule: Fri & Sat 7-10pm Eastern (Server)

Melee: ALL (could use: Monk, Warrior, Paladin)
Ranged: All
Healers: Backups (Hybrids and could use Pally)
Tanks: Backups (Hybrids and a Monk would be Most Welcome)

Community Key: qPjmwmmijy7
Discord ID: planeswalker94#8509
Server ID: