Returning Player LF Raiding / M+ Guild : Thurs / Friday

Hello I am a returning player who is looking for a home that raids and does M+ through-out the week.

I have experience on Hunter / Warrior / Demon Hunter from the current and past expansions.

As I mentioned above in the title my raiding availability is Thursday & Friday’s however if there is a guild that shows some interest that raids late night. IE : 10 PM PST Start - 1-2 AM PST End… I can make those times work through out the week also.

I have been playing WoW since Pre-AQ40 gates were opened on my original server and I have been raiding since Wrath of the Lich King untill recently. I have done Hardmode, Heroic, and Mythic content since and as well as 1 Cutting Edge under my belt in that time.

I tend to try and take things a lot easier than what I used to while raiding, if there is a chance to parse well ill do my best however I do not forgo the team to chase them.

I am also not exactly interested in what some would call a “Care Bear” guild. Since I like to crack jokes that in most cases are not PG most of the time.

To re hash something I said above, I do have raiding experience on Hunter, Warrior, and Demon Hunter. Would I prefer to play any of these 3 classes? Sure… However I am not stuck on any of those 3 and I would be willing to try another class if it would make sense for me and the guild if interest is shown.

Thank you for reading, The best way to get in contact with me would be through Bnet or Discord. Those are… Bnet : Zero#124313 // Discord : Mephisto#9543

Hi Ariesspawn, Our guild “Bada Bing” (21+) just happens to raid on Th/F. We have started heroic vault on those days and are H 2/8, and on Saturdays we are now running normal. Our raid times are 7-10pm EST. Our guild concentrates more on mechanics in fights, rather than dps pushing, and we never bench our players at all. We demand Discord for any pugs we may have to get for our raids, even if they know the fights. As for M+, we have mixed players. Some do low keys and others higher. We don’t force our members to do keys here at all. The members here are both friendly and helpful, and they can get saucy at times, but we don’t get overly gross or disgusting w/ remarks or pics in Discord. Many of us are much older players. If we sound like the perfect home for you, just IM me in-game for more info/invite. I usually come on-line in the early afternoons, but if you can’t catch me, and just desire an invite, then just look up our guild in guild-finder and apply there.