Returning player LF mythic team

Returning player looking to join a well established mythic team, I can DPS or Tank. Class i play are
Rogue, Death Knight (DK), Warlock

Tanks -
Druid, Paladin, Warrior

If i were to say preferences above i immensely enjoy rogue, warlock, and druid tanking.

Not every character is raid ready but I am willing to grind it out if you express interest,
please feel free to reach out.
Bnet: party#1147
discord : partyzone#5821

Hey Party! Any specific faction or server interest? We are Salt Room on Arthas and would love to chat if you would be interested! We need a DPS, but have a tank who would prefer to DPS so we can also use a tank. Either one you’d want to play! :relaxed: We are 2/10M w/ hungering to 9%. Also, no server transfer is required or anything until 9.1 Mythic. Unless you just happen to like us cause we are awesome people. :relieved::sweat_smile: Anywho, even if it’s not us, I hope you find the team that is best for you!

Partypunch great name!

I’m from Veterans of Far Realms. We’re a horde raid progression guild on Zul’Jin.

We also do mythic dungeons. We’re freshly off a reroll so we’re definitely still very active, and pushing a lot of content. We have a need for DPS and tanks, so you’d be more than welcome, and fit into our groups no problem.

If you’re interested you can read our post here:

or contact me: [H] Progressive Raiding(Fri/Sun 8 PM EST). Community Focused

Discord: Purple_86#9819
Bnet: Purple86#1959

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Hi Party! I think we’d be a great fit. Take a look and let us know. Happy to chat more!

I have an immediate opening for a Warlock on my team. If you’re over 21 and can raid Tues and Thurs 10pm-1am EST, add me and lets chat.

Hey, we are looking for a Tank or dps for our mythic raiding grp. Check us out Superiority Complex Alliance on Stormrage. We run M+ every week, most of the raiding core is above 1300io and our top dogs are in-between 1600-1700io
You can add me on bnet if you want to discuss about it. TrueEye#1734

Hey Partypunch!

Small Indie Company on Mal’Ganis is looking for more to finish our mythic roster and continue m-CN and beyond. Goals are finish this tier where we can and achieving CE for the remaining of Shadowlands.

Currently with our primary members we are 5/10m and are missing about 5 in order to contuine. We are a rebuilt guild from our previous and have taken the past month off to relax.

RAID DAYS: Tuesday & Thursday, 7-10 CST (8-11 EST)

We have openings for any DPS right now, a warlock especially. But we are firm believers in playing the class and spec you want as long as you can play it well. There are keys regularly and we’re always willing to help gear.

If you have questions or anything, hit me up on discord at Rystrave#6146. Thanks much!

Hey Partypunch my guild is currently 5/10 mythic and we would love to add to our ranks I sent you a discord friend request feel free to accept it if you want to talk further.

Good evening. I’m recruiting for GSG on proudmoore. We would be happy to include you on your rogue or warlock that interested you. We are currently 6/10M raiding wed/sun 6-930pst. The guild has been around since BC. If you’d like more information please add me on disc RaijinEnd#6451

Hey Party Punch! We could use a monk! :slight_smile:

Optimal baddies is a rebuilt guild founded by long time gamers who enjoy playing the game with friends while also pushing content at a reasonable pace. A lot of the members of Optimal Baddies are players who have pushed content to the point of being deemed cutting edge and are now looking for a relaxed environment where we can put our feet up and kill bosses.

Server - Area 52
Faction - Horde

Raid Times/Days: 8:00 - 10:00 PM EST Monday/Tuesday Mythic Prog,
8:00-10:00 Saturday Heroic/Normal clear
Current Progression: 3/10M 10/10H
Recruitment Contacts: Discord - Goldfish#7851, ninjaXpope#0788, megaFly06#6053 - Goldfish#1198, Ninjaspace#1577, Megafly#11904

What will be required of players looking to progress with Optimal Baddies?

Research on both the fights and your class and keep up with all out of raid stuff to maintain relevancy.
Deadly Boss Mods (DBM) or Bigwigs
Exorsus Raid Tools (ERT)
Preferably AOTC Experience but will consider all applicants
A good Attitude
A great Sense of Humor
Constructive Criticism

And of course just like any organized group a solid attendance!

Hey Partypunch,

How about a fresh start as Alliance on Sargeras?

Ultimate is recruiting multiple DPS classes. We’re 4/10M and working on blasting through the rest of Castle Nathria.

Mythic Raid Schedule
Tuesday: 10:00PM CST - 1:00AM CST
Thursday: 10:00PM CST - 1:00AM CST

Questions? Join our discord server and message Guidinglight -

Want to apply ? You can do it here -

Hi there and welcome back to the game.

Crossbones - Burning Legion is 7/10M and looking for adult raiders to join us on a 2 day schedule.

Our post with more info about the team and guild is HERE.

If we seem like a fit, we’d love to chat.

Not sure if you would be interested in going Alliance, but we are definitely in need of a warlock!

H A V E N on Stormrage is a friendly semi-hardcore, CE-focused raid guild looking for solid players. We expect our raiders to ENJOY the game, be good people, play the hell out of their favorite class/spec, and to have a non-toxic, respectful raid environment. Feet pics are highly encouraged and a hate for goblins is mandatory~~~

Raid Times/Days: Wed/Fri 3am-6am EST (12am-3am PST). We are currently 10/10H, and 6/10M.

Recruitment Contacts: Discord:
Ftramza#2488 (Bnet ID Ftramza#1723)
Sheepp#6867 (Bnet ID Julie#1784),

Requirements: - Attendance is important for progression and we require 80%+ and notice of absences when possible.

Hiya Partypunch

If you are looking for a raid team and not just M+ and don’t find a home on Horde feel free to check us out and reach out

Mythic Exiles a horde guild on Illidan is currently recruiting members for our Mythic roster to push for the remainder of 9.0 and push even stronger into 9.1 we are looking for a solid DK if you’re looking to raid please reach out to us.

GM/RL - Romalla - Btag Huddy#1834
Discord Romalla#3229
Officer/Assistant RL - Jak - Btag JacksonGarci#1146
Discord JackGarcia#5693

hope you find what you’re looking for!
[H] 10/10M & 9/10M|LF HEAL/DPS 6&7PM CST START! - Recruitment / Guild Recruitment - World of Warcraft Forums (