Returning player lf guild

I’m looking for people to run mythic plus with, but more importantly a large ish fun social community. I seem to be playing alone a lot I don’t like that. I’m a mist weaver currently only 380 that used to be strong but now I know I’m far behind. Will be up to par in a couple weeks. I don’t have much interest in raiding but do rated pvp casually. Mythic plus is my niche. Wanting a Guild that I can run into shadowlands with. Still undecided about main but will be a healer.

I’ve joined a few guilds in the past few days and they all say they are active but ends up being quite the opposite.

Btag homiesquid#1304

Some info about myself, 23 years old. Game a lot. Love wow. Soon to be father, great wife. Like crude humor, clean humor, dark humor, all humor. Used to be horde but now back to my roots the ALLIANCE!!

Thanks for taking the time to read this if you did.


Hey Tasoul!
My Name is Bleak, I am Co-GM and community manager for Heroic Raiders BTW A gaming community full of gamers who have been playing together for over a year. We primarily play WoW and just moved to Proudmoore about 4 weeks ago. we run M+ most week nights, and Raid Sunday 5pm -8pm Server and Monday 6pm-8pm Server. If you are looking for a good group of people to hang and with message me in game; Bleakbleak/Shutupbleak or DM me in Discord Bleak#4264

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Hi Tasoul, it sounds like our guild might be a good fit for you. Active players, social atmosphere (including playing other games with each other within our community), M+'s, etc. It does get quieter during normal work hours, but other than that you’ll see people on. Check out the info post for more, including contact info: [A] Evolved 18+ Community Recruiting 8/8H 3/8M EP Recruiting all classes/roles!

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