Returning Player LF 2+ night CE/Mythic guild

Trying to re-ignite the love of WoW again by finding a decent guild.
Haven’t really raided hardcore since pre-6.0 SoO when I mained a feral. Been super casual since with not much raid progress, but I’m still a decent raider.

BTag is LolWTFRyan#1729
Discord is LolWTFRyan#0117

Would be more than happy to sit in a CE/Mythic guild as a social until I’m more properly geared.

Looking to play my hunter or fury warrior, but am open to really playing any DPS spec that a guild needs. I’m more than flexible on this.
Right now, I have a Fury Warrior, Fire Mage, BM/Marks Hunter, SPriest, Ret Pally, and Boomkin/RDruid that are at 120 and can be geared to raid within the next few weeks.