Returning Player - How do I see the story of Dragonflight in order?

Like the title says, I’m returning to the game after a hiatus due to not having time to play. I played the very beginning of Dragonflight, but left not long after I hit max level. Now, upon returning, the capital city is a mess of quests and I have no idea where to begin but would like to do things in a somewhat good order to experience the story.

I know a lot has happened this expansion, so it may be challenging to recall, but I would love some pointers here!

Here’s a chronological order of the Dragonflight campaigns.

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You’re not going to be able to perfectly follow order unless you’re very patient – several of the late 1.0.x quests are locked behind high renown levels. Just fyi in addition to that helpful link.


Thank you much - that’s super helpful!


Your welcome.

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If you have pre-ordered the War Within, the character you boost should have renown levels automatically!

Might help you quickly through the story.

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Yeah, the level boost gives you a renown of 20 with most of the factions in DF. I think the Dream Weavers and the Nifeen are boosted to lvl 10 :blush:

pivotal moment is razageth releasing the other aspects. thats why farakk is flying around mad

You mean Incarnates.

Just play the story quests, you’ll experience the story in order.