Returning player, how are things here?

Title - Emerald Dream original but it sounds like that servers pretty cooked these days.
How’s MG? My friends and I are big on RP storylines and campaigns, especially the ones involving some form of WPvP. Any chance to find that here?

One thing MG is great at is bigger campaigns, you’ll find several ranging from smaller to massive spread out throughout the year. Alliance is very big over here on MG and is very busy with extremely strong walk up availability. So generally no matter your flavor, there’s something out there for you. I suggest the Grand Alliance to get you started A-side.

Horde is good but does not presently hold a candle to the size and availability of the Alliance RP community. That being said, there is still plenty to do on Hordeside. Do not judge us by our walk up community, it’s nothing compared to our events and larger campaigns. Which are frequent and generally open to everyone willing to join. Hordeside presently lacks a larger discord for coordinating all walks of Horde life however there are a few options still. The Kosh’arg is a big Orcy themed event that occurs a few times a year, and the Eternal Court of Lordaeron is a Forsaken/Undead themed Court centered around the post Sylvannus Lordaeron Culture.

World pvp is something you may not find a lot of, there was a time when wpvp was more popular but lately there is only a few. There have been conflict RPs but they tend to fall under roll20 or other systems. However for big huge events I suggest Warcraft Conquest for much larger events as well as the chance of some Wpvp.

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Amazing! Thank you for all the info and the links. This is much more than I expected, but it’s greatly appreciated. :slightly_smiling_face:

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For some reason Horde players always try and rp in Stormwind. I consider it rp when I kill them but thats pretty much it for wpvp, besides the occasional event.