Returning Player - Confused about Dungeons

Hi there! Returning player and have not played since Battle for Azeroth. Started a new character and around level 12 I queued up for specific dungeon, selected them all, role as DPS and was placed into a quite high level dungeon Atal’Dazar. What I noticed is I did not gain any XP during the mob encounters or boss encounters, nor did I receive any gear drops. All I did receive was coin.

I was hoping to get in to some of the lower level dungeons so I can obtain gear for PVPing while I side-quest.

How does this new system work? I read up on a few articles but nothing really explained to me how this works. I would rather do the lower level dungeons like I stated, receive the quests for them, and possibly gear/xp for my time. I was not to happy with just getting coin from that dungeon.

Thanks for any info!

I did some googling, and it looks like Blizzard might have broken something recently when it comes to dungeon XP. It looks like their anti-boosting algorithms are messing with RDF groups that have large level disparities. (RDF groups shouldn’t be affected unless you sign up for the queue with someone with XP turned off — you shouldn’t be affected if someone with XP off is randomly in your group.) I don’t know that there’s much of a way to work around that right now. (Other than report it as a bug when it happens.)

The gear drops was just bad luck.

For the other part of your question, you need to use Chromie Time to select which expansion’s dungeons you see in group finder. (The old Vanilla dungeons are under Cataclysm timewalking, but you’ll start seeing the high level cata dungeons at 30.) With Chromie Time turned off, all you can access is the BFA dungeons.

Chromie is near the embassies in Stormwind/Orgirmmar. (There’s an hourglass icon on the map if you’ve unlocked access to it.) The current official criteria for unlocking Chromie Time is to have a level 60 character. But, many returning players have discovered it’s already unlocked, so it’s likely that having a character capped for a previous expansion might also unlock it. I’ve also heard that creating a trial character works to unlock it.

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Thank you! I was solo queueing for dungeons the other day, will test again tonight and see how things go and read up on Chromie. That is entirely new to me.

Chromie Time is a system that lets you level to 60 using any (non-Dragonflight) expansion’s content. It can sound more complicated than it is. Basically, when you turn Chromie Time on for any expansion, will turn on scaling for all of the leveling content, which will now scale from 10-60 with you.

So, which expansion you actually pick really only matters for determining which dungeons you see in group finder. It also will give you a breadcrumb to start that expansions content, which is often easier than digging out the desired quest on the Hero’s Call/Warchief’s Command board. It can also be helpful getting you in the right phase in Stormwind/Org to actually start the expansion of choice, and will prioritize that expansion on the Hero’s Call/Warchief’s Command boards.

You can swap between Chromie timelines by talking to her, and turn it off and on at her as well. So, you can play around with it all you want.

You get kicked out once you hit 60, and will not be able to access it after that point. (When you turn 60, you get a 60 second countdown. At the end of it, Chromie Time ends and you’re ported to Stormwind/Org.) So, if you want to keep access to Chromie Time to finish up quests without overpowering them, you need to turn off XP at 59.

Battle for Azeroth is the default expansion currently, and so it scales from 10-60 even outside of Chromie Time. (And is why those are the dungeons you see when not using Chromie Time.) Shadowlands also scales from 10-60 naturally, but you need to use Chromie Time to access the dungeons in dungeon finder.


I noticed this to, the lack of xp in dungeons. I was leveling up fasting doing quests (in Chromie).

For dungeon leveling id say Ourlands expansion with chromie for questing do Warlords.

At 60 quest dragonflight main story while doing side quests that are in the way at the same time