Returning Player- Advice and help

I’m Returning to WoW after taking a break mid-shadowlands probably at the start/middle of Korthia. I have played every class in the game and struggle focusing on one main. My time is really limited now and I can only play a couple hours each night. I’m looking for advice on choosing a class for the new expansion that is easy to play and can contribute in raid/Mythic+ content in a meaningful way. I played destro warlock in Mythic Ny’alotha and that rotation took a lot of time to learn. I started shadowlands as a shadow priest and that rotation was hard to get too along with struggling to find the time to do all of the daily tasks. Any suggestions or recommendations would be appreciated. I am also looking for a guild and would love to contribute to a team with this new main if possible.

As far as easy to catch on to dps specs? Off the top of my head, BM hunter and Ret Pally would be the first that come to mind. Since you mentioned mythic ny’alotha, it should be understood that if your playing time is limited a couple hours here and there, that particular type of content isn’t likely attainable for you.

And since we’re heading into a new expansion at the next of November, I can’t really say what the meta for the new season will be. So I’ll just keep it to the “easy to play” portion of your question, which again (for me) falls to BM hunter and Ret Pally.

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Thanks for the response. I definitely am considering Hunter. What are your thoughts of DH? They seem to be pretty easy to use as well, or do you feel ret and BM bring more utility?

DH is definitely on the list of easy to use. Absolutely nothing wrong with that choice either. Just depends on what looks like fun to you and what playstyle you prefer.