Returning Old Dude

Hey there, I’m a returning player looking for a new home as a casual player, potential raider. Any guilds taking in any misfits?


The “Nutty Squirrel Gang” is looking for more active members. And also looking for a Raid Leader to lead us in progression. We raid Thur/Sun nights 8pm to 10 pm server time. Kargath/Norgannon Horde.

The Clique is a friendly, casual, heroic raiding guild on the alliance side of the Norgannon server. We have been around sense early in Burning Crusade. A lot of our core members have known one another for a long time, and we offer a stable, friendly environment to new raiders or seasoned raiders that want a break from hardcore environments.
We are currently 11/12N 10/12H Nylotha. Pushing for the last 2 boss. We raid 11:15pm to 2:15am server time (EST) Tuesday and Sunday. We are currently looking for a Tank and some range/melee dps to round out our raiding team. Our guild boasts quite a few west coast members, a few night owls, and a few parents who find time to play after their kids have gone to sleep.
In general, we are a group of people that play wow because we enjoy the people we play with and we have a lot of fun together raiding. If this sounds like a good fit for what you are looking to do, I highly recommend checking us out and getting in touch with a member of the guild.
If you are interested in joining us or have any questions please feel free to contact us. Battle tags are Hadorya#1497 and Kutubiyya#1460. Or on discord at Hadorya #3191