Returning MM hunter looking for raiding guild

I started raiding in WoD and slowly progressed up to clearing mythic bosses by the end of legion. I was doing very well with mythic progression with my guild up to the first BfA raid. My guild had fallen apart and I had just graduated nursing school so I decided that it was time for me to retire and get in to work. Sadly due to my job I wasn’t able to hop on like most of my friends during the pandemic craziness.

Now that things are work are slowing down and I have switched to more of an admin/IT nursing job I have returned to the game. I have reached max level and I’m working on gearing myself up but I would love to find a guild to join and start a return to raiding. I don’t have the time to do hardcore mythic raiding anymore but would love to clear heroic and maybe down a few mythic bosses each tier.

I’m in the PST time zone and weekends would work the best for me for raid but I can make other days of the week work.

So come and Give an old hunter a chance to prove myself again! My discord is Valayriah#0626. I might be able to dig up some old logs if you want to see some of my old numbers and ability to dodge mechanics.

Hi Phorest! I think we’d be a great fit. Take a look and let us know. Happy to chat more!

Hi there Phorest,

I added you on Discord. My username should be Limbrok. Here’s the quick blurb from us to make sure the raid times work for you, I think they should be perfect given what you posted and we do have a high priority need for hunters, so you would be able to fit in quickly.

Assault is a Horde guild that is AotC driven, currently we are 1/10 M and earned AotC just over a month ago and have killed Denathrius a handful of times now since killing him originally. Our raid times are 8-11 PST (11-2 EST) on Fri/Sat evenings. We also run M+ during the week with several members pushing for or already having earned their KSM achievements.

If the above looks good to you, I’d love to chat further on Discord or you can add me on BNet, as well at limbrok#1655.


Hey there, I dont know if youve already found a team, but you might be a good fit with us.

The guilds name is Duplicitys Reach We’re a 8/10 M guild. We raid Fri/Sat 9pm-12am Eastern. We got our first CE in NYA after beginning to raid mythic for the first time in EP, though the guild has been around since legion. We have missed it this tier but I think we’re looking good for next tier, and looking to make sure we snag it next tier. Our goal is to become a consistant CE guild while maintaining a nontoxic, friendly and accepting atmosphere. We basically want to get CE, but still have fun by our definition.

Feel free to Reach out to me on discord at Snarfing#4104 or on bnet at Snarfed#1335