Returning HPal LF Heroic/Low End Mythic Guild

Hello there.

Will keep this short and sweet. Had the intentions of getting serious with Shadowlands but some real life issues got in the way, and I’m getting back into the game after a couple month hiatus. Current raid xp is 7/10H before having to take a break.

Been a AotC raider for a while, and looking to experience something a little more serious. Current ilvl is 201 but it is going up rather quickly since returning. I’m looking for a heroic guild to finish out the tier with or a Mythic guild that is willing to accept me into their Heroic alt runs to see if I can make it in a Mythic raid setting for end of this tier/beginning of next.

I have a few logs just to show my general skill, logs are from first week of Normal CN this season and Heroic Nyalotha. (make sure to remove spaces) :slight_smile:

https:// www.warcraftlogs .com/character/us/zuljin/mellun?zone=24&new=true#metric=hps

https:// www.warcraftlogs .com/character/us/malganis/carrlo#metric=hps&difficulty=3

If you’re interested in giving me a shot you can leave your plug down below, thanks for considering.

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Hey Mellun,

My guild is definitely what you’re searching for. We’re currently 2/10M, but boasting a more casual attitude towards raiding. We do Wed Fri 6pm PST raids. Let me know if you want to have a chat, add me @ Robert#6541.

Hey Mellun,

I think we might be just what you are looking for… <Cohortes Praetoriae> AOTC, 1/10M Looking for Exceptional DPS and Heals to round out 20 man roster! W/Th 9-midnight CST/ST!

Valiant Exiles is looking for 3rd healer to cinch up out healing core. We raid Fri and Sat 7-10 CST. Jash0385#1850 is my Btag. Would love to talk to ya!!