Returning from end game WOTLK days... made it to 70, what now?

Hey all! I used to raid pretty seriously as a prot pali (wtfamidoing), and spriest, and holy priest (lfghealz)(wtfftw) during BC and WotLK. Ended up leaving before finishing ICCheroic (never officially downed lich on heroic), used to run GDKPs on the server, and generally had a great time.

Came back to the squish. Just powered my way to 70 on the pali, and now wondering what? What is the major city to hang out in and work on professions while waiting for dungeon queues and talk to people? The last major city i used was Dalaran haha.

Planning on moving over to prot so I can make better use of my time and not have longer dungeon wait times… but need some better gear first and do the dungeons a few times to get used to them.

I just kinda feel like not sure of where to go next… is the campaign quest trails worth finishing? (im only about 2/4 done supposedly according to the tracker). Do I just work on professions while waiting on dungeons to gear up? Is there a specific reputation faction that is good to work on for prot palis? Do we ever get normal flying mounts back like we had in WotLK lol? Not these dumb dragons that do nothing but gradually fall…

Thanks for any tips or input! Looking forward to playing around and seeing what this expansion has to offer in my free time.

Valdrakken is the main city, but if you’re only halfway through the campaign you probably haven’t been there yet.

You should finish the campaign & then move on to The Forbidden Reach.

As for flying, I don’t know if we’ll ever get regular flying in the Dragon Isles but if we do I don’t think it will happen for a while. In the past several expansions they haven’t turned on flying until part way through the expansion & this one’s only been out for 5 months so it’s too soon.

Hey buddy, could you share some best pratices / insight regarding this? Im going through the exact same thing. Just returning after BC/WotLK and feeling a tad lost in regards to priorities after hitting 70. Thanks man.