Returning dps looking for guild

trying a guild out, thanks.

Hey There Golmash!

Out of Reality is a recently formed guild on Stormrage full of players with different wow experiences that have banded together to have fun. Currently 8/8H with Mythic progression in mind. We are looking for other casual players that want to tackle endgame content in a fun and stress-free way.

Raid Times

Thursday - Optional Farm Raid @7pm EST

Friday - Core Raid 8:30-11pm EST

Saturday - Core Raid 8:30-11pm EST

If You want to know more add my btag Baratheon#1147 or one of our Raid Leads MsPanda#1193 & MrPanda#11738

Hey Golmash / Orctar,

I liked your post for various reasons, the main one being your life situation and what you’re seeking in a guild. I’m looking to add a reliable, solid DPS to our raid team and guild starting right away and continuing into the future. If you’re looking for a long-term home and stable place, give us a look.

My name is Wretchedmist and I’m the GM of Obsidian Spur on the Thrall realm. We’re a 2004 Horde launch guild originally from Sargeras. I’ve been the GM since TBC. Most recent progression is 5/8M EP, 8/9M BoD, 2/2H Crucible, and 6/8M Uldir. We’re currently working on mythic Court. I’m looking for people who:

  • Aim to keep their focus on retail WoW, not Classic
  • Have no problem grinding AP, essences, neck levels, etc.
  • Are reliable and at least somewhat communicative
  • Are calm, patient, positive, and respectful/tactful
  • Balance WoW with life and don’t burn themselves out / implode
  • See themselves playing WoW long-term into the future
  • Enjoy mythic raiding, both through its ups and downs

Look up our guild write-up on wowprogress for details. I think you would fit. Our raid times are Wednesday and Thursday from 8:00 - 11:30 PM eastern. We also do flex/heroic raids on Sunday nights starting at the same time, although this is optional.

I hope you add me! I sent you friend requests on bnet and Discord.

Thanks for your time,
Wretchedmist - GM of Obsidian Spur

Hey There!

Konvergence is an established guild on Zul’Jin. We have an active raid roster and love to do mythic+. We are AOTC focused and will only ever raid normal and heroic level content. We are looking for other players that want to tackle endgame content in a causal environment at a high level.

Raid Times

Friday - Core Raid 8:00-11pm EST

Saturday - Core Raid 8:00-11pm EST

If You want to know more add my btag Escaflownae#1845